New 20mph speed limit through centre of village agreed

The local authority, working in close partnership with the Parish Council, Island Roads and the local ward member, have agreed a series of new speed restrictions throughout the parish to improve road safety.

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The Isle of Wight council share this latest news. Ed

Road safety is at the heart of moves by the Isle of Wight Council to reduce traffic speeds in and around an Island village. 

Residents in Newchurch had long campaigned for a 20mph speed limit through the centre of the village, in a bid to tackle speeding drivers and increasing volumes of traffic. 

Now the local authority, working in close partnership with Newchurch Parish Council, Island Roads and the local ward member, have agreed a series of new speed restrictions throughout the parish to improve road safety. 

Reduced speed limit will bring benefits
Councillor Clare Mosdell explained:

“We have all worked together to bring the speed down through Newchurch from 30mph to 20mph, which will hopefully bring many benefits. 

“It has been a huge piece of work but these measures will reduce risks for pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorists alike.” 

From Langbridge to Branstone Cross
Under the new traffic regulation order (TRO), the largest area subject to change will be from Langbridge through to Branstone Cross, including Newchurch High Street. 

Some sections will see new 30mph and 20mph speed limits as well as the introduction of a weight restriction.

Whitely Bank changes
There will also be changes around the arms of Whitely Bank roundabout and between Apse Heath roundabout and Branstone Cross. 

The TRO implementation works are expected to start in August.

Mosdell: Must not impact Bartletts
From the outset, Councillor Mosdell said a key consideration was that any scheme should not impact on Bartletts Service Station, based at Langbridge Business Centre. 

Councillor Mosdell said,

“The parish council and myself wanted to make sure Bartletts could still run a successful business so the TRO allows for a certain number of lorry movements each day.”

Bartletts called for 20mph
One of the loudest voices calling for a 20mph speed limit was Paul Hendy, a partner in Bartletts, who grew up in the village. 

He said:

“The roads in and around Newchurch are narrow and there are sections with no pavement meaning pedestrians are forced to walk in the road which can be dangerous, particularly at night.” 

Bevan: Longtime concerns over excessive speed of traffic
Parish council chairman, Councillor Roy Bevan, said any scheme which improved road safety was welcome. 

He said:

“For many years, Newchurch Parish Council has been concerned about the excessive speed of traffic on various roads within the parish. 

“The parish council is grateful for the contributions of all agencies involved in the creation of this TRO, and acknowledges and appreciates the work done by Councillor Mosdell.” 

Ward: 30mph is inappropriate
Councillor Ian Ward, the Isle of Wight Council’s Cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, added:

“Speed is relative to the conditions of the road and you only have to look at these roads to see 30mph is inappropriate. 

“The TRO took time to get agreed but we all worked together to get the best outcome.” 

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Simple solution not always as simple as they appear… “Reducing the speed limit to 20mph has caused RISE IN DEATH rise in death and serious injuries, a council has admitted, but is refusing to reverse the scheme because it will cost too much.” The report continued: “Casualty severity has worsened marginally in Bath and more so in outlying towns. Again, this is reflective of the national situation.”… Read more »

At the risk of sounding like I’m an expert on this subject, which I am not, although I understand the 20mph mph is legally enforceable, who is going to enforce it? I believe we have precious few road policing units on the island. Wouldn’t it have been better to make is physically very difficult to exceed 20mph with the use of chicanes etc?

Speed is but one component of a more complex issue, other factors such as visibility, width & state of repair of the carriageway etc. also have a bearing. Roads such as those through Newchurch have changed little since the 19th days of the short, narrow, slow moving horse drawn carts and are unsuitable for the size & acceleration of modern vehicles. A 20 MPH limit is only… Read more »