Newport bus station re-jig: New location of bus routes and some Stands re-lettered (Map)

Do you use the bus station in Newport? Here are the details of the big ol’ rejig Southern Vectis are doing of where buses leave from Newport bus station and re-lettering some of the Stands. A big map and details enclosed.

New Newport Bus Station layout 2018

Southern Vectis have placed the following on their Website about the rejig of the bus departure stands at Newport bus station coming into play on Sunday 25th March. It doesn’t appear that they issued a press release about it.

Not only are buses moving to different stands, but some of the Stands themselves are being renamed/lettered.

The following is in their words. Ed

On 25th March 2018, we’ll be unveiling a brand new layout for Newport Bus Station.

By moving our busiest routes to more spacious stands, we hope to create a better and safer experience for you. Giving passengers more room while they wait.

Please be aware that you may need to catch your bus from a different stand as of Sunday 25th March.

Please see a full list of changes and a map of the new Newport Bus Station layout below.

One of our busiest and most frequent routes, Route 1 into Cowes will now depart from Stand A, alongside Next. The bus to Cowes will no longer leave from the centre island (Stand D).


Passengers travelling to Alum Bay or Carisbrooke on Routes 7, 12 and 38 will now do so from Stand B. Stand B is located to the left of our travel shop. This stand will no longer serve Route 9 to Ryde.

ROUTES 2, 3, 6, 8, & 39 MOVE TO STAND C

Catching the bus toward the south-east of the Island (Sandown, Lake, Shanklin, Ventnor, Blackgang) or into Newport town, you will need to wait at Stand C outside of our Travel Shop.


You will now catch the bus to East Cowes from Stand D. The island in the middle of Newport Bus has been re-lettered to become the new Stand D (was Stand E) The central Stand D will no longer serve Cowes, only East Cowes.


Our busiest route, Route 9 to Ryde will now set off from the re-lettered Stand E outside of Newport Library. The new Stand E replaces the current Stand F outside of the library.

If you find yourself in any confusion following the change to the layout, please don’t hesitate to ask in our Travel Shop. Our helpful Southern Vectis Colleagues will be glad to show you which stand you need to wait at, and provide you with any additional information you may require.

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New Newport Bus Station layout change March 2018

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018 8:52pm



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Rhos yr Alarch
Interesting to read this, but I’m struggling to find how the changes fulfil the stated aims. Moving the stop for the busiest route outside the library hardly gives more space, and brings it into the area most subject to anti-social behaviour and furthest from any possible SVOC staff assistance. It also makes interchange between the two busiest routes (1 and 9) more difficult as they will now… Read more »

No mention of the toilets. You’d think that SV would not only be obliged to provide facilities at this major interchange, but would want to for the benefit of its customers.