Newport Harbour regeneration: Isle of Wight council appoint architect (Updated)

The masterplan will “visualise and provide a framework for a waterfront reinvigorated by mixed use development, reinforcing Newport’s role as a county town and a visitor destination”.

Newport Harbour drawings

The council share this latest news. *Now with Bob Seely’s comment added* – Ed

Plans to transform Newport Harbour have moved a step closer with the appointment of architectural firm, Kay Elliott.

The Isle of Wight Council will work with the Devon-based company to take forward the regeneration plans for the flagship site.

New homes and improved harbour facilities
The ambition is to generate economic growth with new homes and improved harbour facilities.

Reniera O’Donnell, assistant director for regeneration, said:

“Kay Elliott has a brilliant track record and huge experience in working on sites like Newport Harbour.

“This is a big step, as this masterplan will not only shape future development along the quay but also generate many opportunities to increase footfall and encourage Islanders to re-engage with the harbour.”

Harbour masterplan
A masterplan is expected to be delivered by April 2019, before it’s written into the Island Plan and promoted to investment partners.

Kay Elliott director, Tanya Griffiths, said:

“We are looking forward to working with the team and the community to set out a plan, which provides clear development guidelines to encourage the right investment for local needs and the special character of the place.

“This masterplan is an opportunity to visualise and provide a framework for a waterfront reinvigorated by mixed use development, reinforcing Newport’s role as a county town and a visitor destination.“

Residents, business owners and other interested parties will have opportunities to share their views on the vision.

At 16:53 Bob Seely’s office added the following:

“There are many great ambitious ideas for Newport Harbour, including space for small start-up businesses, an arts quarter linked to Quay Arts, a campus as part of an extension of higher education on the Island and a station as part of a possible extension of a railway connecting Newport with Ryde.

“I look forward to seeing the report in early 2019 and then we must not delay in identifying a way forward.

“Specifically, I believe that the council should commit to a campus on the site and to ensure that the homes built there are overwhelmingly for Island youngsters and working families.”

Update: 16:53 Added statement from Bob Seely’s office

Image: © Isle of Wight Council

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Email updates?
quote “The ambition is to generate economic growth with new homes”and “mixed use development” That’s all we need. More homes and more shops. Is there anywhere that the IWC won’t build? Has the council not noticed the empty shops and charity shops on the High Street? Will the harbour be an attractive place to visit with hundreds of new properties along it? The harbour is only in… Read more »

Mr. Seeley’s office comments were added after my posting above. Can I just say that whatever it is he, or his office are on, Can I have some, please? Pure fantasy.

Highway to Hell

Don’t we have any Architects on the island?

Sally Perry

We have asked whether any IW companies bid for the work. Will let you know what we hear back.

Sally Perry

It might be some time before we can answer your question because the council replied, “We have received all of your enquiries but we won’t be able to respond quickly due to other priorities.”


It would have been quicker for them just to look it up rather than make excuses. I wonder what the other priorities are? Decide which biscuits to have at the next meeting? So secretive, so secretive.


I suspect they are all hiding under their desks whispering,’tell them we’re busy, they might go away’

Steve Goodman

Certainly secretive about the investigation and report the coroner asked for at David Green’s inquest over four years ago.

Also a bit slow to accept David George’s generous offer of a free private County Hall screening of his Wightwash film featuring them and their approach to some even more essential regeneration.

Steve Goodman

Wightwash progress report; some councillors do want to see it.

More housing (luxury apartments) on the quayside will only benefit wealthy second-home owners and buy to let property developers, not Island families who need a starter home they can afford. Restaurants and shops will take trade away from the High Street and more businesses there will close down. I want to see attractive outdoor seating areas on the Quay to encourage people to come here and relax,… Read more »
It is not often I agree with you, Tamara, but you make some good points. The IWC fails to understand about parks and open space, prefering to to try and make money out of any opportunity instead of contributing to the well being of the population and having a pleasant area that is cared for without all the uneccessary fast food outlet et al. They didn’t like… Read more »

Judging from their past record I doubt this will come to much. I see the words ‘Isle of Wight council appoint architect’ and instantly feel that stomach churning dread of yet more cock-ups, incompetance and Rotten Boroughs headlines. Throw in the word ‘Masterplan’ and we are all in for a load of disruption, failed promises and eventually a ‘Miniplan’.. Been here, done that and got the T-shirt!


I don’t want to re-engage with the harbour, I want jobs for my children.

To respond to Highway to Hell, you make a very valid point, so I looked at Kay Elliott’s web site. There are no architects on the island anywhere near qualified to do this as much as them. It’s niche work with many obscure but real challenges and to be fair to IOWC officers this is , for once , a well considered approach. Any architect could do… Read more »

I understand the council still support the brief for the floating bridge.. and look how THAT turned out.


Why do you always seem to post negative comments? Do you not have anything constructive to add?


I’m rather concerned how they will achieve the beautiful azure waters. Will the dye be environmentally friendly and survive the tides.

Surely now is the time to build a barrage across the Medina with a lifting span and a drop down cill, with single or two lanes of road traffic across it. Single file would need a waiting area on each shore. I would suggest, just south of Stag lane across to the eastern bank, and a new road to join up with Fairlee road. From experience, most… Read more »
Newport Harbour is, potentially, a wonderful opportunity for development if done sympathetically. You only have to look at Gunwharf Quays to see what can be achieved. The High Street is a disgrace and it is no wonder that shops are failing. Most of it needs a bulldozer to it and start again. I frequently get asked by visitors, “where are the shops?” where is the market?” Instead… Read more »
In what universe could moving a major retail centre 3 miles up the road be a good thing?. YOU might want town bulldozing, obviously including the Church, Museum the handfull of well preserved older buildings… have I missed anything? OR do you honestly think that the average Islander who has been using the same shopping streets for a generation, will suddenly hop onto a bus out to… Read more »
I do wish you would read my comments properly. You missed out on a very important word i.e. MOST. I did not suggest that ALL of the High Street should be bulldozed. There are some architecturally pleasing buildings therein. For those who downvoted my comment I would, once again, suggest you have the backbone to support your votes. Or do you want to always live in a… Read more »

Just as I thought. Idiots abound!


I bet these voters do not vote at election time. Can’t be bothered to get out and do it.