One Life Festival 2018 a resounding success

The very first One Life Festival was a resounding success with all who attended. Individuals who have hardly ever walked before were up dancing and young adults who would normally be shadowed were able to walk freely around the secure site. Well done to all involved!

One Life Festival 2018

Massive congratulations are in order to all those who helped plan, run and take part in the One Life Festival 2018 yesterday (Wednesday).

The brainchild of Paul Elvins and Barrie Wade, this one-day music festival for adults with learning disabilities, ASD and the neurodiverse, held at Tapnell Farm, saw almost 700 people attend in its very first year.

One Life Festival 2018

There were six hours of live music (organised by Platform One), adventure activities, skateboarding sessions, facepainting, karaoke, loads of entertainment, a live radio broadcast from Vectis Radio and more.

One Life Festival was a resounding hit with all who attended.

One Life Festival 2018

Pulling together to make something fantastic happen
Following the event, Paul said,

“Today was the most amazing day because you enjoyed yourself.

“Too many people supporting and helping the day be a success to mention right now, but you know who you are and you know you made smiles happen.

“Almost 700 people, no drama, just fun and people pulling together to make something fantastic happen.”

One Life Festival 2018
Barrie: “A dream came true”
This morning, Barrie added,

“Yesterday, after eight months in the planning, a dream came true, not for us the organisers, but for those that came to experience and enjoy a music festival in an environment where they could be themselves.

“The idea was always to set the festival up and then sit back and let the service users have the floor, and I think we did that pretty well. We expected 250 people, we got 700 – WOW!”

Stories of great happiness and freedom
Barrie went on to say,

“Some of the stories that we have been told about how individuals who hardly ever walked before were up dancing, how young adults that would normally be shadowed were able to walk free around the secure site and observed from a distance for us is priceless, and just shows how the power of music and that little bit of freedom can change someone’s life, whether that be in that moment or long term.

“We were touched by the kindness of the volunteers who set the site up, took it down, the OLF team on the day, the dancers, the carnival team, the musicians, the DJs, the stage managers, the fundraisers, the photographers, Batman and Spider man and of course Tom and Tapnell Farm, we genuinely love you guys and each and everyone of you should be proud of being a part of an incredible day and making a difference.

“I am humbled to have been an organiser with my mate Paul and hope that those that came spread the word on how something quite small can make such a big difference.”

Videos and photos
There are lots more photos and videos on the One Life Festival Facebook Page.

We can’t wait to hear more about the plans for next year.

Well done to you all!

Stay up to date via the One Life Festival Website.

Image: © One Life Festival

Thursday, 7th June, 2018 12:49pm



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What an absolutely amazing event. Hats off to everyone for the part they played in this happening, including those that went along to enjoy themselves. Looks like so much fun! A real festival experience for people (that happen to be labelled). Preconceptions and prejudices for so many of us need to be challenged, and this does just that!


My admiration is boundless for the organisers and volunteers who made this event happen. Congratulations to all involved.


am absolute privilege to be part of it

One Life Festival

Lovely comments. Thank you! P&B