OnTheWight: Comment voting is back! (Updated)

Hurrah! Your ability to vote on readers’ comments has returned to OnTheWight. You’ve cast nearly a MILLION votes over the years, so we’ve invested 45+ hours to find the right solution for today.

Upgrade to OnTheWight comments

Near the start of the year, the software that we previously used to enable readers to vote on other readers’ comments broke – and the world was sad. It had given us all good service, but was old, creaking and finally gave up the ghost.

We know how popular the feature was because, 1) you told us (then and subsequently), 2) you’d all cast nearly one million votes!

The right solution
Since then we’ve spent many man hours – Well over a full working week in fact (45+ hours) – trying to find the right solution. We’ve dealt with companies all over the world, testing their products, negotiating with them, in an attempt to provide everything that we want for you.

We now feel that we’ve got to a solid tool and, after testing, it’s now live. (As with all new systems, there might be the odd thing that pops up needing attention – in that case, please do get in touch and let us know the detail.)

We quietly released the update last night (Sunday) and very pleasingly, there have already been well over 100 votes cast.

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It’s not just voting that been enabled.

New: Ordering comments
Oldest – The current default order. Oldest first, so you can see all of the comments left as they appeared.

Newest – Will be useful if you’re returning to a discussion and wanted to just catch up with the latest comments.

Most voted – A good way of judging a wider public opinion of what people have been saying.

Enhanced: Receive updates
This has two levels:

1) If you’re keen to keep an eye to see how a discussion develops, just select ‘New follow-up comments’.

2) If you’ve left a comment and want to see what people respond to you, you can opt to have emails sent to you when select ‘New replies to my comment/s are left’.

Creating an account has the great advantage of you not needing to re-enter your contact details when you want to receive updates.

There’s more we can do
There’s lots more that we can offer, we just need to know that you’d like them.

If we hear from you that you like further improvements, we’ll put time and money into providing you with new features over the coming months.

In the meantime – Enjoy the Voting!

Update 29 November 2017 –
Up and down votes now shown separately
Well dear reader, we’ve another update for you.

Last night we turned on the ability to separately show the numbers of up and the down votes.

It’s something that has been requested for a long time, but until now achieving it was too involved. Glad we can bring this to you now.

Separated up and down votes

Monday, 16th October, 2017 1:04pm


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4 Comments on "OnTheWight: Comment voting is back! (Updated)"

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Great news


Three questions :-

How do you make sure your comment follows the one you are replying to, and doesn’t just get put at the end?

How do you report offensive comments?

What does the “link” symbol over to the right do? Clicking on it gives the start of an address but it is chopped off – or it is on my computer!
Sorry if I’m being dumb . . .

Sally Perry

To reply to a particular comment, hit the reply button (as I have done here to answer your question).

Hitting the link symbol brings up the Web address of the comment, just double click to highlight in order to copy and paste to share elsewhere.

To report a comment send an email to [email protected] as outlined in the House Rules.


ok, thanks.