Outcome of Andrew Turner’s de-selection vote announced

It feels like it’s been a long time in coming …

Andrew Turner on bench - Ferry debate - Westminster - 13 October 2014

There’s been a very long build up to this evening’s vote of the Executive Members of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association (IWCA).

The matter in hand – would they vote to support Andrew Turner, or vote to remove his selection? – both motions had been put forward.

The vote
After three hours of discussion and deliberation the decision of the Executive was returned.

According to Jessica Parker from BBC Radio Solent,

“Andrew Turner MP has won the support of #IoW Tory Party Exec after a turbulent few months”

Jessica went on to say that Chairman of the Association, Alan Wells, has said “he’ll go when his term ends in February”.

Image: Screen grab from parliamentlive.tv coverage of 13 October 2014 debate

Friday, 23rd January, 2015 9:42pm


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Well done ANDREW, now let’s get rid of the nasty ones!


Carole isn’t going anywhere


Resignations are now due. Goodbye Mr Wells, Pugh at al


I can think of many more……

Mark Francis

Is tht loaded Webley servie revolver still on the sideboard chaps?


Good news for Ian Stephens, UKIP will be happy, and yet more proof that whatever the Boy Pugh gets involved in goes wrong. What shenanigans!

Stewart Blackmore

Not that it’s my business :) but I wonder how Wells and co can stay now that the plot has failed?


It’s not often I agree with you Stewart , I’m looking forward to the comments!


One would hope that anybody in the cabal with a shred of honour left would resign immediately….. but….

Michael G

Fantastic news. Not because I support Andrew Turner and his Conservative friends, but because it now means the Tories’ days are numbered.

Mason Watch

Excellent news and I would not vote Conservative…… Let’s hope that Eddie Giles and all the ‘nasty party’ minions resign immediately. He’s got his faults but where there is the faintest wiff of the Boy Pugh I’m all for AT. Now we are in for a really interesting few months!

I do not believe it

What larks! The kiss of death, that originally emerged from Pugh’s lips, has rebounded and stung the kissers themselves.
I hope they will now behave like gentlemen, resign and then take up permanent residence at Quarr Abbey.


I don’t think they would want them at Quarr. After all, the monks are decent people with moral principles.

I do not believe it

True WD. But leading lives with a vow of silence, combined with penitence and humility might, just, work……………?
No. Perhaps not.


Benedictines not Trappists! :-))


See you in May Andrew well done

Mason Watch

Come on Pugh…… Give us the wisdom of your thoughts!


Pugh and wisdom?!

Those terms are about as mutually exclusive as ‘military intelligence’.

John Thomas

Pugh & Wisdom? I wouldn’t trust him with the remote control to my TV, let alone consider any words that come out of his mouth as truthful or good sound advice. He’s failed at everything he’s ever done.


Pleased for Andrew but I still maintain he has now passed his sell-by date. Whoever wins, they must be a strong voice for the island. God knows, we need it.
What pieces of work his ‘friends’ are!

Highway to Hell

So, the night of the long knives sort of failed then?


Now, can we all please get back to looking after the best interests of the island?


Brilliant. Now let him get on with the job. As for Wells and is back stabbing friends – your taxi is waiting.

sam salt

Well done Andrew, now is time for ALL of those behind this nasty episode to go. I suspect they won’t and will continue along their nasty way stabbing everyone in the back who does not agree with them.
Had to smile at the name Hyacinth on another website given to one of the ex-Chairman, it summed her up very well.


Whilst I am neither a supporter or detractor of Andrew Turner, I am glad it seems to be over for now. This whole affair just shows what a dirty & petty business the Island Conservative Association is. It isn’t politics, but personal point scoring from a few unpleasant members.


well done Andrew .now can we have a clean fight ,


I await comments from Ariadne, tullius and maelstrom….. :-))


Finally the decision as to whether or not Andrew Turner is wanted as the MP for the Island lies exactly where it should do – with us the electorate.

Still far too many nasty (and arrogant) bits of work in and around the Conservative Party on the Island for them to get my vote come May though.


The CP will be disappointed!


Look for some political back-tracking in next Friday’s issue?

One might judge CP’s political bias by judging the number of column inches it devotes to reports of rubbishing AT compared to the much fewer inches devoted to his being confirmed at last week’s IWCA Executive meeting.( CP still promotes the “1 vote margin” rumour as truth although there is no firm evidence to support it because of IWCA “rules”). Of course La Hofton could not resist… Read more »

I’m glad it isn’t just me that has noticed the County Press’ anti Turner stance. This is particularly noticable in the comments sections where a number of UKIP supporters regularly hurl abuse at anyone who speaks against them without suffering any kind of action from the moderators.

I think it is clear where the CP’s political affiliations lie.

Mark Francis

The Communist Party is well gutted, comrade.


All statements prepared:-

“I will be stepping down to spend more time with my enameled signs” – AJM
“I will continue to post on my IWCP blog” – RM
“I will continue to be overheard on Southwest trains” – DP


“I will be spending more time with my spelling checker” – Mitt Romney

“I will continue spending time in Andrew’s taxpayer’s house” – CD

long in the tooth
In a polite society one would expect those that have tried to blacken the MP’s name and reputation to apologise. I wonder if those responsible for this debacle know how to say sorry or what it means. Seeing the venom coming from them over the last weeks I hope that this morning they hang their heads in shame. The incredible stress that Andrew Turner must have been… Read more »

A party that stands up for the rich and seeks to further impoverish the poor has no place in polite society.

Why we are surprised that such nasty pieces of work gather within the Conservative Party remains a mystery.

Mark Francis

ThomasC is my homeboy!

@Oldgirl. ‘Incredible stress’, is having your life turned upside down, through no fault of your own, by the bedroom tax, how’s Mr Turners voting record on that? It’s being a couple of pay cheques, or a redundancy away from feeding your family from foodbanks, over 6000+ on the island at last check, how did Andrew vote in terms of even having a debate on the correlation of… Read more »
sam salt
A few years ago one of those involved in this matter decided that I had upset them. The fall out from this Peaceful Life was unpleasant not only for me but also my family. I was placed under so much stress by this individual I became unwell and stopped socialising because I felt worthless. I now know from this matter that it was not me with the… Read more »
Mason Watch

Can we expect a comment now from Mr Wells, Giles and the rest of the plotters. Probably not. Well done to Ian Ward BTW…. he came across on South Today last night as a decent cove. I would have paid good money to see the look on TBP’s face when the results came out. What a bunch of merchant bankers…….


Wasn’t Alan Wells due to be on IWRadio this morning? Anybody hear it?

Steve warne

I am not a tory , but I think Mr Turner has been through enough bad press,so let him get on with the job he was elected to do.


THis could be the best thing for the Island.

Turner answering “I cant remember” at his press launch was so ridiculous that I think he will lose anyway.

I would rather see him fight and lose than someone else step in and win.

Old Knobby

Do we know the number of votes either way? Was it a close thing or did the vast majority back AT?


(Per CP) “All voting members of the executive attended, however a breakdown of the vote has not been given, due to Conservative Association rules.”

What a mess! I think that Andrew Turner has been fatally wounded ( probably was before this latest mess) wont answer questions about his expenses ( because he cant justify them?) Cant give a speach unles it is prepared ( it wasnt an issue when he was originally delected as a an MP but it is now ) And isnt supported by a significant portion of his… Read more »
Vanessa Churchman

Pleased for Andrew – why on earth was all this allowed to go on for so long? Don’t you love Party Politics? I don’t believe anybody should resign – I think they should be thrown out as their behaviour has brought the IOW Tory Assoc. into disrepute

hazel wyld

A sad and dirty business, the so called cabal should hang their heads in shame, damaging to their own party and smells of disgruntled Pugh supporters, hope they all now shut up before they make even bigger fools of themselves but somehow I doubt it! CP has not come out of this well either!



In what context is it deemed ‘reputable’ to implement, and vote for, policies of indifference, selfishly cruel, cowardly and completely devoid of creativity?

Ignoring ‘party politics’ for a moment, what kind of mindset would do such a thing?

Vote so close, much closer than the AT camp will say !!! By the skin of their teeth. Subtle threats to go to a postal ballot and statement read to IWCA Executive and refusal to stay and to answer questions by AT says it all. The Turner team still in the background ( wonder where in Newport they were waiting ? ! ! ! ) Doesn’t look… Read more »
maelstrom As you appear to be close to the action, perhaps you could tell us: * How many on the Executive were mandated by their members to deselect AT (like Bembridge) and how many made up their own minds to do so? * If there are multiple resignations (but not you-know-who of course), is that caused by the decision not to deselect ot disgust at the recent… Read more »

I have read all the comments reference Pugh and Wells and I agree with most of them, unfortunately,especially in Boy Pugh’s case they are too thick skinned to do the honourable thing and Go,Get Out,Get Lost and do not come back and dirty this Island of ours


We know Pugh will understand being told to “f***ing leave us alone”.

Pughtube; the gift that keeps on giving.

Robert Jones

The collapse of as incompetent a political coup as I can remember seeing in nearly 50 years of noticing, and occasionally relishing, these things. And perhaps the last primeval bellow from those Tory dinosaurs who ran the Isle of Wight Council – and ran it right into the ground.

Highway to Hell

I hear from a source that there was 1 vote in it.

I also hear that a recently elected chairman of a local group is about the resign and support the Independent candidate…


Presumaby that was not a casting vote by the Chairman? :-)

Vix Lowthion

So the independent candidate is standing on policies which will support the current conservative led government?

Just been chatting to my friend on the Executive Council. She says the number of votes was not disclosed as for some reason the rules say this cannot be done – seems a bit silly to me. Anyway she reckons it must have been a very close run thing as the speakers seemed to be equally split between pro and anti Turner. A couple of those there… Read more »

No doubt the figures will be “leaked” Ariadne….


Windmills 1-0 Caballeros? :-)

So, it would seem that the island Conservatives are fairly evenly split between the pro and anti AT/CD groups, and that having been shown how nasty the latter are we are now to be told how equally nasty, and/or “spineless”, are the former. It is also very difficult to hold AT/CD solely responsible for this division knowing what a “liability” Messrs Pugh, Wells, Giles, Whitehouse and others… Read more »
long in the tooth

Would that be Cruella Deuville from the East Wight Ariadne? Time to shut up and fight the good fight now.


Sorry old girl but I have no idea what you are on about.