Over 3,000 objections to exploratory oil drilling application, say campaigners

If you wish to comment on the application for exploratory oil drilling on the Isle of Wight, there is still time. Details within

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Over 3,000 people have objected to a planning application by UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) for exploratory oil drilling on the Isle of Wight, say campaigners, Don’t Drill the Wight.

Consultation on the application for the building, operation and decommissioning of a well site for the exploration and appraisal of hydrocarbon minerals at a site in Arreton, just off the main Newport to Sandown road re-opened in January.

3,274 objections
Don’t Drill the Wight (DDTW) say there had already been 2,225 objections, 68 supportive and three neutral public comments on the previous application, but as of 16th February there were now a total of 3,274 objections to the plans and just 73 in support.

The council’s planning portal shows a total of 1,125 public comments, but DDTW say this does not include letters sent by post or emails.

Still time to comment
If you wish to comment on the application there is still time, as comments can be made right up to the moment of decision-making.

However, it is advisable to comment before a report is prepared by officers for the Planning Committee. No date has been given for this application to be heard, but the next Planning Committee meeting is due to take place on 16th March 2021.

The documents can be found on the Isle of Wight council’s planning portal (20/00513/FUL).

Wednesday, 17th February, 2021 1:38pm


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One commentator of note, Dr David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at Glasgow University commented in the first public consultation, confirming the concerns of other commenters that the unstable geology in the area around the wellsite would lead to leakages of oil and other contaminants into the dense network of aquifers that drain into the Medina and Eastern Yar Rivers, poisoning our drinking water and the wildlife… Read more »
Benny C
To all the Councillors who secretly read this site ( and well done for being shrewd and diligent enough to do that) . Elections are coming. If you want to stand any sort of chance you need to think carefully about this, how you communicate and how you behave. The residents who keep you in post are watching in large numbers. This is a real event, not… Read more »
For goodness sake, what is the matter with these people who keep on coming back to this site looking for oil. It’s been tried twice before and nothing found of commercial value. All that happens is the messing up of a large area of land, inconvenience to an already overstretched traffic system and reading Tamara’s comment quoting Dr. David Smythe’s Comments most importantly, why is this damned… Read more »
Some oil companies play the stockmarket to enrich their directors, regardless of how much oil they find – as long as they can persuade many people to buy shares in their latest ‘bonanza’. The Council hasn’t decided on this application yet. They have to go through the correct procedures – hold a public consultation and ask for comments from consultees, then give the applicant the time to… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
I see a problem. The decision date is Tuesday 11th August – after the Local elections. We need to change the state of the Council and elect people we know will protect the island. We have the opportunity to do this soon. I have just gone through many of the comments on the applicaton. It is heart warming that this is being taken on by the entire… Read more »

Absolutely right but who will the candidates be, what are their policies and where lies their expertise? It’s time for us to get a look at these people to make sure that in May, we don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire, although it’s hard to see how they could be any worse than the current incompetent incumbents.


Thank you. A timely reminder to many of us who object but have not yet lodged our objections on the Council’s planning portal (link in main story above) to get on and do so pdq. This drilling is a dreadful idea

This is a huge issue for the Island. The only beneficiaries are greedy landowners, shareholders and oil companies. It’s a filthy business which will ruin this beautiful place. We have a human right to fresh air, clean water and a safe environment. If this goes ahead forget about tourism, business and a healthy economy it will result in an unhealthy polluted economy, putting our safety and well… Read more »