Parliament ‘in contempt of British people’ if Brexit not delivered says MP

The Isle of Wight MP spoke in Parliament yesterday on the issue of Brexit, stating that if it is not delivered they will be in “contempt of the British people”.

european union offices and flags

This in from the office of Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely. Ed

Island MP Bob Seely has warned his colleagues in Parliament they will be “in contempt of the British people” if they do not deliver leaving the European Union.

Speaking in the Brexit debate yesterday, Bob said to the Prime Minister Theresa May:

“It is unfortunate for Government to be in contempt of Parliament, would she agree that it is worse for Parliament to be in contempt of the British people, which is what will happen if we do not deliver on Brexit.”

In reply, Mrs May said:

“I absolutely agree that it is the duty, I believe, of this Parliament, it is the duty of us as politicians to deliver on the result of the vote that the British people gave in 2016 in the referendum. We gave them the choice, they voted to leave the EU and it is up to us to deliver.”

Bob has previously said he will support the Prime Minister’s deal to secure Brexit. The Island and Bob voted to leave two years ago.

Image: Thijs ter Haar under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 5th December, 2018 12:32pm



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Email updates?

Some people hold some politicians in contempt on regular basis anyway, so just another day for us mere mortals. Nothing new to see, move along.

Most that voted to leave haven’t changed their minds at all. Most are just absolutely fed up with the farcical way the British Government has gone about it for nearly two and a half years! We voted to leave. Not still be ‘tied’ and ‘punished’ for doing so. We need some one with the balls to stand up to the bureaucrats in Brussels and negotiate on our… Read more »

The C4 poll showed a majority in favour of remain – so I assume you’re basing your assertions on anecdotal evidence. As for needing “balls”; you only have to look at all the leave tories who have distanced themselves (i.e. resigned) from the negotiations to see that Brexit is a lost cause.

Robert Jones
I think you’re contradicting yourself in several places there, but never mind. If you want this country to walk away from its treaty obligations, that’s up to you; all the EU is insisting on is that the UK abide by them and does not expect to enjoy the benefits of membership – or drawbacks, if you like – without paying for them. Those ARE ‘our terms, not… Read more »

” I never did know where the Tory reputation for competence came from.”
It comes from the Tory supporting tabloid newspapers.

I voted out of EU and still stand by that and would vote the same again. I especially feel now, after the way the EU has treated our decision that even more I want out. We will never get the perfect Deal it was never going to happen. The EU are determined we will pay them huge amounts to subsidise all the countries who are poor through… Read more »

Not the EU at fault, it’s the austerity policy of our very own government that’s means the roads don’t get repaired. If you want a scapegoat then look at our lovely bankers who brought the world’s economy to its knees ten years ago, we’re still suffering the effects.

We don’t pay huge amounts of money to the EU, in fact we currently get a cut-rate membership that works out at 37p per person per day. For that 37p we get premium access to not only the largest trade bloc in the world but free trade agreements with over 60 non-EU countries. The economic benefit alone of being in the EU is estimated at around 10x… Read more »
Mark L Francis

I voted for unicorns but I did not get any.
I feel entitled and it is these conniving politicians that refuse to give them to me.
I blame everyone else for everything.
(or as we used to say at Grove road School “Tough Cheddar”)


Presumably we should also have contempt for someone who asks a clearly stage managed fake question?

If there is an opposite of “damning with faint praise” that question was it.

We are not fooled Mr Seely and know that, despite what you say, when you vote you will listen to central office, not your constituents.

Robert Jones
If Mr Seeley is confident that leaving the EU is the will of the British people – although in fact it’s the will of some of the British people, excluding a large number of young people who will be adversely affected by it; and the referendum result was at the very least skewed by financial chicanery; but leaving all that aside – I fail to see why… Read more »
Geoff Brodie
So next Tuesday our Island’s Conservative MP will vote in support of his beleaguered Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. In favour of a Brexit deal that will leave Britain shackled by the chains of the neo-liberalist EU for the foreseeable future.This despite the Island voting by 62% in favour of Leaving the EU – with no mention of deals – and without any evident local consultation before his… Read more »
Bob hasn’t realised that folks have changed their mind about Brexit, we know that our currency has dropped vastly in value since this Tory inspired disaster began. We know that the deal May proposes will leave us in a far worse position that we are now, we know that a ‘no deal’ will threaten our food and medical supply chain. But that doesn’t bother Bob, he is… Read more »

The island is going to be harmed if we leave the EU; hopefully Bob will realise that before it’s too late.

“The island is going to be harmed if we leave the EU; hopefully Bob will realise that before it’s too late.” ???? The Island voted. 62% to leave. Bob will be harmed if he doesn’t support the democratic view of his flock, before he is due for re-election. Every 4 years we have an election and HAVE TO ACCEPT THE RESULT. We don’t bleat about our democratically… Read more »
Who said the British people have changed their minds? A majority of us voted to leave the EU, not for some of the silly reasons that have been given, but for Britain to regain its sovereignty and the right to determine its own future. We were slowly being annexed by the EU (rather like the way Russia has annexed the Crimea) who are wanting to establish a… Read more »

We’ve always had sovereignty – you’ve been fooled by 40 years of bile from the right-wing press and the likes of Farage, Banks and the extreme right tories.