Peaceful protest against the climate crisis coming to the streets of Newport

Members of Extinction Rebellion are calling on others to join them on Saturday in Newport for a peaceful protest against the climate crisis.

Older man with banner at extinction rebellion

Extinction Rebellion share details of their next day of action. Ed

Extinction Rebellion are ready to bring their peaceful protest against the climate crisis back to the streets of Newport this Saturday, 4th May.

‘Women and Children First’
With a focus on ‘Women and Children First’ the gathering is a May Day SOS . As Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg states: the planet is burning, and we must take effective and radical action to preserve life before it’s too late.

Previous protests in Newport have involved speeches, youth strikes and marching behind a coffin down the high street. The 4th May event is inspired by the radical Extinction Rebellion action witnessed in London over the Easter break, where for several days campaigners stopped traffic, made music and joined in People’s Assemblies to discuss the next steps.

Positive, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere
An IW Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said,

“A number of us travelled to London and were impressed by the positive, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere on the bridges and in the squares. We plan to replicate these initiatives on the Island.

“Whilst other councils across the country have declared a Climate Emergency to pledge action to tackle the environmental crisis, the Isle of Wight Council leadership claim that such a need is ‘unevidenced’.

“We know that Islanders care deeply about our wildlife and leaving a planet safe for our children. We urge everyone to join us in peaceful protest this Saturday.”

Where and when
Extinction Rebellion will be meeting in St Thomas’ Square from 12.30pm on Saturday 4th May.

Please bring banners, placards and voices. We welcome the opportunity for everyone to say a few words to those assembled throughout the event – so come prepared!

Image: © Extinction Rebellion Isle of Wight

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So long as they stay off the roads. Disrupt traffic and you can no longer call it “peaceful”.

“the planet is burning, and we must take effective and radical action” Excuse me, the planet is NOT burning, we are just 0.9°C warmer than 1880 (= 0.006°C/yr). See – NASA, NOAA, Met-Office Data. & if you look at Wildfires all over the world – there’s been a reduction of annual global area burned – down from ~700 million hectares in 1900 to ~500 million hectares –… Read more »