Podcast: Hovertravel MD discusses their review and timetable changes

On the day Hovertravel announce their new half hour commuter timetable , OnTheWight sits down with the boss of company, Neil Chapman, to discuss what has led to it.

neil chapman - hovertravel md

Earlier today, Hovertravel, announced that in order to provide a reliable service, they will not return to the 15 minute commuter service, but instead retain the 30 minute service during peak times over the winter.

New timetable
The winter timetable which starts on Thursday (1st November), will run a 30 minute service during peak commuter times in the morning and afternoons.

This timetable runs until the end of March, when it will revert to every half hour throughout the day, but will include addition of an 8am from Ryde and a 5.15pm from Southsea, Monday to Friday in school term times.

Chapman talks to OnTheWight
OnTheWight sat down Managing Director, Neil Chapman, to talk through the changes and understand the reason behind the decision.

We chatted upstairs at the Hovertravel terminal, so you’ll hear the Hover coming a couple of times, but it’s short lived.

Items we covered:

  • Background on the new craft and changes that are being made to them.
  • What ‘First of class’ code is?
  • What is the ‘High Speed code’?
  • How information will be delivered in the future?
  • How the two hovercraft will be used in the future
  • The review Hovertravel has carried out
  • Timetable changes
  • Troubles they’ve had with their computer system provider
  • How Hovertravel deal with Social media

Have a listen

You can find out more about Hovertravel by visiting their Website.

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Tuesday, 30th October, 2018 6:57pm


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