Potential electoral alliances could be formed, following Green Party Conference vote

At the Green party Conference last weekend, members voted overwhelmingly to support entering discussions with other parties to form potential electoral alliances

Vix Lowthion meets Andrew Bentley of Isle of Man Green Party

The Isle of Wight Green Party’s parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion shares this latest news. Ed

Islanders took an active part in the Green Party conference this weekend – held in the ‘other Newport’ in Wales – where party members voted for a radical new drugs policy, to campaign for a Sustainable Economy Act which protects all species and biodiversity, and to pledge to put the Green New Deal at the heart of a future government. 

Caroline Lucas talks with Steve Backshall
Caroline Lucas talks with Steve Backshall

Conference also heard from naturalist and broadcaster Steve Backshall, who announced on the stage that he has left Labour and joined the Green Party as “voting for the Greens has an incredible power. It makes sense!”

‘Toxic Testing’ in our schools
Isle of Wight teacher and prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Vix Lowthion, spoke at a lively meeting with Dr Mary Bousted of the National Education Union about Toxic Testing in our schools.

Vix Lowthion talks at conference fringe event
Vix Lowthion talks at conference fringe event

“Children are doing formal tests in every year bar two in their primary education. But they don’t inform teachers, they don’t benefit pupils, they only exist to hold schools to account.

“This toxic testing culture epitomises the fact that this government has lost its way when it comes to testing: a toxic slime which is choking our children and leading to pressure, negativity and anxious young people.”

Voted for potential electoral alliances
In a significant step, Green Party members voted overwhelmingly to support entering discussions with other parties to form potential electoral alliances.

Conference voting for alliances
Conference voting for alliances

Any such initiative will be based upon commitments to reform our electoral system, and should lead to a number of additional Green MPs if a General Election is called in the coming months.

Lowthion: Election result is wide open
Vix Lowthion said,

“A coming election is inevitable – but the result is wide open. Parties must show that they can work together – putting country above party – to do the best for future of our planet and our nation.

“The Isle of Wight Green Party is committed to working in partnerships, and have exciting plans for our next election campaign!”

Monday, 7th October, 2019 11:44am


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If Labour are to win on the island they need to learn the lesson of Steve Ross’s win in 1974, i.e. put us islanders first ahead of party policies!


As lovely as Vix is, I think she’s delusional if she thinks she can win the island seat in a General Election, her best bet is to stand in another constituency.

Vix Lowthion

‘Lovely’ :D Thank you but the Island is my home, and it has the highest Green Party vote in the entire UK here – after Caroline Lucas. It is a key area for the Greens in any coming General Eleftion.

OK, here’s the honest truth Vix, most people recognise Caroline Lewis is an excellent and serious MP, who punches well above her weight in Parliament. It must be lonely being the only Green Party MP, it would be great to see more Green MPs. Caroline’s constituency, Brighton, is a bit edgy, a mecca for young professionals. The Island isn’t like that, the voter base here is largely… Read more »
Look at the last General Election Vix, when Bob Seely’s Party said, we’re going to take your property and wealth off you to pay for you care in old age, and we’ll leave you a £100k to pass on to your family, you would have thought the Conservatives would have been wiped out, they weren’t, and the brain dead geriatrics on the Island still voted for them.… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Henry. Hopefully IW Labour will select a candidate for the next election – when they eventually get around to it, that is – who isn’t as committed to disrespecting the EU referendum result as the majority of their local membership.

if you are following current polls and projections (I assume you are) then you know that all 4 main and most prolific pollsters (YouGov, ComRes,Opinium and Survation) have had the island projected thusly. Con 38%_. GRN 24% LDEM 15% BRX 12% LAB 9% Ind 2% We know Labour are gonna be stick in the muds and run a candidate and will even campaign strongly (mr Critchley won’t… Read more »
As a floating voter, Vix has been the most engaged candidate on many issues, National and local over the years since the last election, Critchley has keep his head down and hasn’t been seen, as for the Libs, haven’t seen anything of the candidate at all. Seely is only suddenly engaging beyond his love of photo ops, now. The trouble for the Greens is, beyond green issues,… Read more »
In essence, here’s the problem, there are only 3 realistic candidates on the island. Bob Seely, little old ladies love him, he never says anything nasty about any of the other candidates. When challenged on substantive national issues he goes into hiding Critchley, an old school labour fire brand, passionate, hammered into the Tory’s in the last hustings, basically, he might be right on many issues, but… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Critchley an ‘old school fire brand’? Hardly. He was a LibDem for 20 years.

Well you know his background better than me Geoff, all i’m saying is that is what he sounded like in the last hustings, with his raving and ranting. Basically, as a floating voter, I have no idea who to vote for, the best candidate funnily enough comes across as Bob Seely, ( did I really just say that?), if it wasn’t for his despicable arrogant Party and… Read more »
Dear Henry, it’s not as if we have been hiding our manifesto! a simple google of “Green Party Manifesto” leads you here. https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-guarantee/ A broad overview of the Green Party stance. As you will see we are far more than a one issue party Brexit Ltd I hope you like what you read. I’m glad you have noticed that Vix is not only active in the community… Read more »

Latest national poll shows Tory lead cut to 6% – well within margin of error of these polls. In second place, not LibDem or Green or Brexit BUT Labour.

Unless all left of centre parties join forces and field only one candidate the Tories will win the seat comfortably. The only question is whether those parties are prepared to work together for the greater good or will continue to argue over who is the more worthy candidate. Please get together behind closed doors and agree on one candidate. I don’t really care which one of you… Read more »
Alternative Perspective

Precisely! It’s time to work for the greater good and oust this appalling Conservative Government

iain mckie

Vix Lowthion wants Labour and the lib dems to step aside to give her a clear run and challenge

Vix Lowthion

That’s incorrect, Iain. Any potential talks don’t involve Labour because they don’t believe in working with other parties in alliances – it’s in their constitution. However other parties showed in Brecon and Radnor by-election that even in a Leave voting area, an alliance (that time it was LibDem, Green and Plaid Cymru) can win.

Robert Jones
The political map of Britain continues to change, but not to the extent of making the Green Party any more electable. There will be a Labour candidate here, because a) we beat the Green Party for second place in the last General Election, and b) because the Labour Party is required by its constitution to stand candidates in every constituency in every General Election. The Green Party… Read more »
Disagree that the Lib Dems didn’t deserve to do poorly. I sincerely hope that they continue to do so given their collusion with the Tories to implement the appalling austerity measures and everything else that dreadful coalition was responsible for. If you think that sort of behaviour is behind them, think again. Look at the ridiculousness of their so-called staunch no-deal brexit position, yet are completely unwilling… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

As a former LibDem member, Mr Jones (current IW Labour Secretary) is always soft on them.

Jenny Smart

The Liberals are political opportunists. Having been wiped out by reneging on their promises about student fees, they saw the opportunity for clear water in the ‘remain’ quarter, and reverted to type by lying to the electorate about their promise to respect the democratic decision to leave the EU.

Being ‘liberal’ with your integrity and honesty doesn’t go down well with the electorate.

More talk of alliances then. Trouble is you don’t know what you are voting for. For instance: the green councillor elected in 2017 left the party within 12 months of being elected. LibDem, Independent and Tory councillors on the Island change parties with unfailing regularity and their policies are as clear as mud. I’m going to vote Labour in a general election on the basis of their… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

I am the Green candidate on the Island for MP and I’ve been consistent throughout being a candidate for the last 4 years. Plus the Green Party policies have been clear and consistent on rail nationalisation, £10 living wage, proper funding for NHS and so on – even Brexit – whilst other parties have flipped on policy in the last few years.

Geoff Brodie

Is that a deliberate omission Mick ? Trying to airbrush me from history? The local Labour party lost their only councillor last year too. Me.

A councillor who had been a party member for 35 years and (often only) IW councillor for 14 years. I am still a consistent socialist and supporter of national Labour. I too support all those policies.


Think also about the “big” alliance. The Tory/LibDem coalition that gave us 10+ years of austerity and cuts post 2010. Electing an alliance candidate to Westminister would be a complete waste of time, their influence in Parliament would be almost zero.