Pupils need sex-and-relationships education, says Green Party PPC

Government plans to make health, social and relationships education a statutory requirement for schools have been welcomed by Vix Lowthion, Green Party Parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight.

Vix Lowthion

This in from the IW Green party’s prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion. Ed

The Common’s Education Committee this week announced that all state primary and secondary schools should have to teach age-appropriate Relationships and Sex Education – though parents will still have the ability to ‘opt out’ if they deem it necessary.

40% of schools could do better
An OFSTED report in 2013 labelled 40% of schools as requiring improvement in their teaching of health and social education.

Vix says,

“Education in our schools should not be limited to subject knowledge and exams. Our young people must be equipped to be positive and successful adults – and to this end, quality relationships and social education is paramount.

“I was in charge of PSHE and SRE in a large secondary school for a number of years. Young people need the knowledge and skills taught in these non-academic subjects, and it is only by making them statutory can they be given the value and status they deserve.

“Health, social and relationships education shouldn’t be seen as a luxury add on – they are crucial for our safety and future happiness.”

Learning about relationships, respect and responsibilities
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas added,

“PSHE is about relationships, respect and responsibilities.

“It’s about fit-for-purpose, age-appropriate whole person education and it’s more important than ever.

“Parents, pupils and teachers back it – so it’s fantastic that the Education Committee has also recognised the need.”

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Tuesday, 17th February, 2015 12:16pm


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is our green candidate married? her website showsshe has three kids. is there a husband




sorry i fortgot the question mark. here it is ‘?’


three kids and working ?
that’s a super mum…

Tanja Rebel
Married or not, what does it matter? Loving parents are loving parents, whatever their status. And a good politician is a good politician. Regarding sex education, it is a sad indicator of our time that the need is there to warn primary school kids about the online horrors they will be exposed to or are already. In the long run we must fight the horrific exploitation of… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

Absolutely Tanja. That’s why they are going to change it from SRE to “Relationships and Sex Education”. Because it’s not about the biology and mechanics – it’s about all of the real personal issues around it.

Trouble is Tanja, large – very large – swathes of our society now have no understanding or appreciation for love, respect, selflessness etc All of the once common and expected courtesies are becoming extinct and I very much doubt that many of the wet behind the ears teachers of today have the necessary grasp or recollection of how it used to be – so would hardly be… Read more »
Tanja Rebel
Dear Calderjon, Yes, there’s a problem here and it is huge. We have created a society where sex and other people’s (mainly female) bodies are seen as a play-toy and children are more and more drawn into this sordid world. As adults we have failed grossly in our duty of care and it will be hard to put it right. But put it right we must and… Read more »
Norman Jones

Call me old fashioned, but why is this down to schools to educate our children?
This should be the parents responsibility.
We are in danger of taking away all responsibility from parents.
This story is talking about telling primary school-aged children. 4-11 year olds.
How many of these youngsters would even understand what they were being taught?

Mark Francis

Problem is that the parents who do not give their children adequate grounding are the ones most likely to complain about schools doing it for them.
At that age I was taught exclusively by spinsters nearing retirement age.

I tell my son all the wrong things to do & he rebels by not actually doing any of them.

Vix Lowthion

4-11 yr olds are largely taught about their own bodies, cleaning, privacy, body changes, relationships with family and friends. The focus is on Relationships and on Age Appropriate discussions. It’s only towards the end of primary school is actual sex tackled – and parents are notified.


well said – another area where parents can opt to walk away from responsibility – it also allows certain factions within authority to ‘mould’ young people in their weird and wonderful way

Tanja Rebel
Dear Norman Jones, Agreed, the main responsibility lies with the parents. However, their influence is being thwarted by a media hell-bent on flooding the world with deeply misogynous, soul-destroying drivel. The worst bit in this is that many adults seem to have become addicted to it as well, with all due consequences. Sadly, legislation is the only way to stop this ongoing onslaught on our senses. Then,… Read more »
Tanja, I have to say that what you propose sounds a little Orwellian. There is no doubt that things should change but legislation is not the way – the correct and unswerving use of the laws we already have would probably be sufficient along with tougher sentencing. Mother nature dictates a lot of this. Men are hard wired to “need” to generate offspring. This is the driving… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

At the moment, relationships education is not statutory. Schools have to cover sex and reproduction – but not relationships between friends and boy/girlfriends and adults. There is little training for staff or time devoted to these important topics.

I hear what everyone here is saying about concern over children learning ‘values’ and leading by example. That’s exactly what the new Relationships and Sex Education would be about.

Norman Jones
Again, may be a little old fashioned but surely if you cannot teach your own children to wash themselves, show respect + about changes they are experiencing in their own bodies, may be you shouldn’t have had those children in the first place! Our children are our future, values + morals should be the first thing we teach them as parents, long before they even get to… Read more »
Tanja Rebel
Dear Calderjon, You could be right, perhaps current legislation is sufficient, but then it isn’t working, for the objectification (and thus discrimination) of women and children is all over the media like a rash. If black people or Jews (or God help us, men) were treated this way, there would be a riot, but we keep a blind eye as soon as it concerns women. I agree… Read more »
Tough one Tanja, Changing public opinion / perspective / behaviour. We have all let it get this bad so I guess it’s down to us all to try to fix it. If I woke up one morning as PM….. I think my priority would be to ensure the safety of children first. Given the revelations and investigations which are on-going into past crimes, it would seem logical… Read more »
So the government has taken away the right to discipline your children ….. tells us what they can and can’t eat…………. and now we’re to leave it to the nanny state to teach children sex education. I hope there’s an opt out clause for those who think it should be left to the parents. Sex education will do nothing as long as we continue to live in… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

How do you fix society? If not by starting with putting such sexualisation within the context of some sort of relationship?

Schools and teachers have been leading discussions in class regarding sex education for years. This is not new. But due to lack of status or training or time it has been inadequate in too many schools. It needs to improve – and this is one step.