Reaction Statement From Complainants In David Pugh Valentine Ball Incident

This received from the Councillors who alleged misconduct by Cllr David Pugh.

This received from the Councillors who alleged misconduct by Cllr David Pugh – Ed

Please find a statement issued today by Cllrs Bacon, Lumley and Welsford, in respect of the statement issed by Cllr Pugh regarding the Ethical Standards Committee verdict in the case of ESC69.10

“There were three parts to our complaint.

Firstly there was the actual swearing incident itself. Any consideration of this was blocked by legal advice from a Council Officer.

We feel the advice was flawed as it was based on a judgment in another case which has subsequently been criticised and therefore, in our view, an investigation into this matter was blocked on erroneous grounds.

It remains the case that the videos of Councillor Pugh have accumulated over 17,000 hits which will have caused damage to the reputation of the Council.

It was concerns about this initial incident that led to information being discovered about further behaviour at the Valentine Ball as well as subsequent discussions at the Council Offices in the days following 12th February which suggested an apparent attempt to control media coverage of Cllr Pugh’s outburst.

In respect of these two matters we note that much of the behaviour identified in our complaints was found to have taken place, however this behaviour has been interpreted not to constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct.

The report presented to the Assessment Committee found that there was contact between Councillor Pugh and the Legal and Communications departments and that some ‘media management’ took place but determined this was acceptable.

We have not been happy with the way in which the investigation process has been conducted and, as far as we are aware, at least one witness has already made a formal complaint about the process.

We also consider that the process has revealed a disturbing politicised and protective attitude amongst some senior council officers in respect of the current Council leadership. It was fear of this that prompted our initial request that the complaint be dealt with independently off the Island. We feel our initial fears have been shown to be justified.

Overall we still feel that our complaint was justified but that it has been considered and rejected by a flawed system. Perhaps this is why the system is due to be changed in the near future.

At the end of the day our complaints were brought about by the attitude and behaviour of Councillor Pugh and derived from his undeniably offensive outburst on 12th February and his refusal to apologise for that. We note that he has still not felt it necessary to apologise.

If he had done the decent thing and apologised to Carole Dennett it is unlikely there would have been much further interest in the incident and this investigation would not have been instigated. Unfortunately we anticipate he will display this same attitude in his response to the outcome of this investigation.”

Thursday, 18th November, 2010 2:34pm



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Email updates?
Last to stop clapping is arrested

I’m sorry but I just don’t understand nor agree that ‘media management’ was determined acceptable. Pugh’s defence that he was off duty should therefore, by definition, removes any further council input or recourses and this includes the communication department and the legal team.
A vote for Pugh and/or Turner approves and acknowledges this ‘Stalin’ approach to air brushing the truth.Thank God for VB x


Pugh off duty/on duty, then use of council resources is key to this.

Nail on head


St Valentines Day masquerade courtesy of the Ethical Standards Committee


Thanks to Cllrs Bacon, Lumley and Welsford the last vestige of our authority serving us, the rest, in its entirety, is pretence.

Gordon Bennett

Was there any point in this sham enquiry.
Cll Pugh had been telling people for weeks he knew has was going to get off
Democracy is finally finished on the Island

Patrick Joyce

This makes a mockery of the code of conduct especially when the hearing was held on the Island using Island people well known to Cll Pugh
This investigation should have gone to Standards for England
Who was responsible for keeping it on the Island
and who advised the committee that looked into the allegations


I would guess the so-called Monitoring Officer – one of those that has has “revealed a disturbingly politicised and protective attitude amongst some senior council officers in respect of the current Council leadership”.


This council is a mockery of everything that this country use to be proud of

Gordon Bennett

Should the monitor officer be taken to standards
committee. What about the CEO, who are these people on the committee

docile denny
Monitoring Officer is a council employee in the legal department. David Pugh is the Councillor with this department under his control. Standards Board is chaired by an independent layman, and those considering the case are also supposed to be independent and it appears they were on this occasion. I do not know the investigating officer but it appears a fairly junior employee but I might be doing… Read more »

Well some good may have come come out of this ‘investigation’ The council advisers to the ethical standards committee have at least managed to get their names removed from the redundancy list.

James P

So, the great Pughdini has repeated his famous imitation of a greased piglet when caught abusing Ms Dennett, somehow managing to be both off-duty with regard to the swearing, but on-duty when he needed council resources to back him up. Free again with a single bound, you might say.

I thought investigators were supposed to be able to see through this sort of thing…


You can see very little from inside Pughs pocket