Reader’s open letter to Isle of Wight MP: Do you condemn bullying behaviour of your Conservative colleague, Priti Patel?

This reader asks the Isle of Wight MP to state his position after a report found UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, guilty of bullying behaviour

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Leo Harverson from Cowes shares this open letter to Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely. Ed

Dear Bob,

As you don’t appear to have done so thus far, will you be condemning your Conservative colleague Priti Patel for her bullying behaviour?

If so, I would be grateful if you could detail your position and set out your views by reply email.

Impact her behaviour has had on the victims
I am concerned that many of your fellow party MPs have spoken out in support of Ms Patel, but few (if any) of them have made any effort to acknowledge the impact her behaviour has had on the victims.

If you do not intend to speak or comment publicly about this, please can you explain your rationale?

I should add that myself and a large number of your constituents rightly expect you take a position and make it known, especially given your past support for anti-bullying initiatives.

Seen the very damaging consequences of bullying
I am a Social Worker by background and as you can imagine I have seen the very damaging consequences of bullying on young people. I am also aware that it is crucial that adults set positive examples in responding to allegations of bullying, and especially when this has been clearly identified for those in positions of trust (such as senior members of Cabinet).

In order to ensure that your response is clear to your constituents, I would ask your response to my query be copied to News OnTheWight, who I have copied into this email.

Kind regards, Leo Harverson from Cowes

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Saturday, 21st November, 2020 6:39pm



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What is the collective name for Bullies?
A Party of Tories

She says she wasn’t warned about her behaviour, she was. Which makes her a liar as well as a bully.

Steve Goodman
And which also makes her much like the current con PM, who was sacked for lying by both the party and by his press employers, was arrested after a bit of Bullindon Club restaurant vandalism, and was famously recorded assisting his criminal friend Darius Guppy’s plot to assault an investigative journalist. She was also sacked by the party for breaching the ministerial code three years ago, back… Read more »
Steve Goodman

Today’s news includes yesterday’s latest double standards PM mailing to ministers saying there was no place for this sort of behaviour…

Mark L Francis
Patel is, we are told, popular amongst the Tory party as she is impassioned in the causes of making life miserable for asylum seekers & prisoners. She helped write a book saying that British workers don’t work hard enough. Now it turns out she’s a bully? Who knew? Of course Bojo supports her. Was the slogan of the Bullingdon Club not “Bully! Bully! Bully!” But hey, when… Read more »
Steve Goodman

We are already seeing that some cons are happy to help to “form a square around the Prittster” as requested by our previously sacked serial liar and Bullingdon vandal PM, and some are rightly recognizing the reality.


I doubt very much Bob Seely will declare a position, or if he does, it won’t be a very clear one.

He’ll be worried Patel might one day become PM, and he won’t want to queer his pitch with someone who is likely to be vindictive with anyone who doesn’t give her full support. She is a very, very nasty woman.


In a very nasty party.

Alternative Perspective

Good for you Leo. Keep us informed if you get a reply to your email

It’s fascinating how this episode has prompted people to drag out their stereotypes, like civil servants are lazy elite types not like your hard grafting workers in the private sector. Rubbish At the level they interact with ministers, civil servants are generally pretty maxed out experienced types. Most importantly they are supposed to challenge what ministers want to do, because they know about the the practicalities of… Read more »

This is the sound of democracy dying, the sound of silence.


On the Patel case, Sir David Normington, a former Home Office permanent secretary, said on Saturday that Boris Johnson “doesn’t seem willing to stand up for high standards in public life”.

Shock, horror!

It’s Boris Johnson, a Tory, and the Leader of the Political Party the nation indorsed in the last general election!


I see the Labour Marxist cult of Corbin wokes are In Action again still crying into their Guardian’s after being defeated and destroyed by Boris.

Mark L Francis

Never read the Guardian – right-wing rag.

Steve Goodman
I see that when the respectable Labour leader pointed out in Parliament that the con cult had broken a series of their own pledges by “bullying, harassment, leaking, wasting public money, and obvious conflicts of interest”, the con’s previously sacked serial liar leader replied that their bulling, PPE failures, money wasting, and separate ‘chumocracy’ rules was “trivia”. (As reliably reported by the Guardian and others, but probably… Read more »

I think the poor girls been misunderstood, just showing a strong will and determination to get thing done that’s all,


Where others of course think she is little more than a fascist pig.


Yes, eddo the country is in a crisis state and ministers cannot afford to say to civil servants “by the way could you possibly get this work done by the weekend, if it is not to much trouble” They need to kickass and I don’t think some civil servants are used to the pressure that the commercial world copes with all the time.

Rupert Besley
The picture painted above is nonsense and could hardly be more inaccurate in terms of its suggestion of how things are. I just wonder what evidence you have to support such opinions. Do you have recent experience of working in Whitehall or is it more a case of having once listened to ‘The Men from the Ministry’? From ones I know working in that environment, I hear… Read more »

Well said, Rupert.

Mark L Francis
All right – so give her the benefit of the doubt. Once – even twice maybe – but THREE times? It’s not as though she is the first person to have done the job(s. Nobody else has been accused of bullying (even a feckless waste of space like IDS) – and its not like she is getting stuff done. She isn’t – & that is why she… Read more »