Red Ensign now say they’ve ‘not gone into liquidation’. Here’s the note they sent News OnTheWight and the email to outstanding customers

Further developments with Red Ensign, including telling customers that their MD ‘has been removed’ and now that they’ve not gone into liquidation – and the refunds?

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Earlier this week News OnTheWight uncovered how an Isle of Wight maritime training company had taken hard-earned money from customers for courses and then told them the business couldn’t carry on and they’d be appointing insolvency practitioners.

Red Ensign have now finally responded to our numerous calls and messages and today say the company has “not gone into liquidation”.

Red Ensign: “Company has not gone into liquidation”
A spokesperson for the company sent the following to News OnTheWight (which we’ve subsequently found out is a message they have posted to their Website),

“Sorry about the delay, there has been a lot of debate lately, and at this time we state that the company has not gone into liquidation.

“As is the case with many businesses the impact of Covid-19 has been significant. The cruise industry in particular has stalled (the company’s biggest clients) so this has resulted in a significant loss of income.

“The directors are actively exploring various options and will issue another statement in due course about the future of the company. The directors are very mindful that individuals have paid for courses and are keeping their interests at the forefront of ongoing discussions.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding at this very difficult and trying time for us all.”

It’s good to hear that the company, which has been running for over 15 years might be saved and has not gone into liquidation yet.

That being the case, Red Ensign should be able to automatically refund all those customers who are owed money, rather than them being referred to an insolvency practitioner (as had been emailed to clients last week).

Red Ensign: “MD has been removed”
Rachael Mew, who we mentioned in our last article as having paid for a course only for it be cancelled the following day, shared this email which she received from Red Ensign today with News OnTheWight,

“Sorry about the lack of communication but as we were been told to clear our desks as you can imagine we couldn’t keep in touch with delegates once we sent the message of closure and been told to refer all of you to the insolvent, as per my MD’s advice.

“In the meantime my MD has been removed, and we are trying to pick up the pieces. You were top of the list from the beginning for refund as it was such a recent payment.

“We had no idea this will happen. We have been working hard till the last minute, it was shocking to hear. The process is on the way and a lot of people are trying to help save the company one way or another. We will update you as soon as possible Apologies again.”

Top of the list for refund
Rachael told News OnTheWight that another customer who got in touch with her after seeing our last article had received the same email, claiming they were at the top of the list for a refund too.

Stewart Goldsmith from Portland Business Support and Advice, who dealt with Red Ensign’s Corporate voluntary arrangement in November 2019, told News OnTheWight they still had “received no further instructions”.

We’ll update you when we hear more. In the meantime, anyone owed money by Red Ensign should contact the company directly to claim their refund.

Image: Oleg Laptev under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 10th September, 2020 6:27pm



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Mr Magoo

The communication received by Rachel Mew does not inspire confidence as English does not appear to be a strong point of the person who wrote it. That said, it was probably written while stressed.


Stress is not an excuse for writing a poorly composed letter. I agree with your initial comment….