Reduce Ferry Prices: UPDATED

There’s probably not more than a handful of people on the Island that don’t want to see the price of the ferries come down a notch or twenty.
Andrew Turner, the Islands MP, has taken up the cause to try and get something actually done about …

There’s probably not more than a handful of people on the Island that don’t want to see the price of the ferries come down a notch or twenty.

Reduce Ferry PricesAndrew Turner, the Islands MP, has taken up the cause to try and get something actually done about it.

UPDATE: Andrew’s building on the great work that we covered back in Feb this year put in by a group of Islanders, who have to date collected an amazing 2,700+ signatures on their online petition.

You may well remember that he’s been terrier like in his pursuit for over a year, despite a bout of illness.

The approach that he’s taking is to pursue it with the Office Of Fair Trading (OFT) and has been advised is to collect as many representations from Islander as possible.

We happened to be chatting to his office a couple of days ago and they told of their frustration of trying to get attention for the campaign.

Pretty much straight after launch, Andy Sutton resigned, somewhat taking the news agenda with him, so it’s all got a little lost.

We’ve also been contacted by a friend of the blog, and by BigEars on the forum drawing more attention to it.

Action is Simple
If you want a chance of your ferry fare coming down, there’s something really easy that you can do now.

Pop yourself over to get things moving. If you have the inclination, it’d be lovely if you’d mention that VB sent you too.

If you want some more background on how he’s tackling it.

Friday, 28th September, 2007 11:31pm



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Andrew Turner MP

Dear VB (and Big Ears),

Many thanks for your help with promoting this campaign.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Turner


Wouldn’t it great if us Islanders created our ‘own’ ferry company with quality, service, and value at the heart of operating it? You certainly can’t find any of these with the current services offered. (apart from Hovertravel).

I propose we all club together and buy the Yarmouth to Lymington route and operate it ourselves. :)

A new ferry would cost four to five million, Simon. Have a look at So that would be about £40 each if every man woman and child on the Island contributed. Then you’d need somewhere to berth it plus a captain and crew to run it etc, etc, etc. On a more serious note: According to the above site, Wightlink are having two new ferries built… Read more »
Reading this thread, I did a little digging and found a similar thread dated 23 August 2006. Simon said on there that in 2000 “A standard return valid for one year was £48.50” Not true! That price was for a day return. The actual price for a standard return was £59.60 in 2000. The dearest price for a standard return at 2007 prices is Saturdays 21 Jul… Read more »
Simon, don’t let people wind you up – it’s not worth it. Let’s get back to the point that the ferry prices are very expensive and the service is inflexible once you are booked unless you have multilinks. I think most Islanders and a lot of tourists will agree with that. Our MP needs all the evidence we can supply. Let’s hope lots of people email him… Read more »
It is a shame that the fares to the Island are so high. Many people could probably afford to have a holiday on the island but the fare is the last straw.I also found the prices very high also the car parking charges. I have spoken to many visitors to the island and they all feel the same, with the end result being you have a lovely… Read more »

@Simon it is worrying, it is not me that is being put of,it is those with a low income


It was quite a struggle this year to come to the island of wight. we are a family of four 2 of them are 10 and 13 years old.

next year we must look elsewhere


would like to know why a trip to this beautiful island costs more than a trip to france?

Louis Lawrence
I did some reserach on the Monopolies commissiion report and found that the entire solent coast landing rights are owned by British Ports and Harbours company which I tracked back to Lloyds Bank. Since the same people also own the bulk of the ferry companies. It is very unlikely they are going to allow reasonabloe landing rights to competition. Needless to say the MMC didnt say anything… Read more »
Just to add a bit of information. Do you know that hoteliers who have ” trade rates” are offered differing rates from each other ( variable) and our contract specifies that we are not to divulge our rates to anyone!! Secrecy in ferry rates within businesses as well. Divide and rule seems to be the name of the game with the ferry guys or some kind of… Read more »