Return of the Cowes Floating Bridge service delayed once again say Isle of Wight council

It was supposed to come back into service last Friday, then on Tuesday, now not until at least Wednesday, although even that may change

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes floating bridge has been out of service since 14th July and was due to return last Friday.

However, the Isle of Wight council revealed the day before that the bridge would be out of service until Tuesday (tomorrow) due to a fault with the hydraulics.

Now it has been revealed (that’s only if you read their social media post this afternoon) that the bridge will not be returning tomorrow after all.

Instead they say,

“An engineer from the ship builders is on site investigating the issue with the hydraulic system.

“The vessel will remain out of service on Tuesday 28 July and the replacement foot passenger launch will be in operation.”

Monday, 27th July, 2020 8:44pm



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9 Comments on "Return of the Cowes Floating Bridge service delayed once again say Isle of Wight council"

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Benny C

Why no public Inquiry? Why no accountability? Ian Ward, make a statement. You presided over this procurement shambles. Say sorry. Show you understand what you have done to damage the finances and the economy of this island. Please don’t touch anything else. Just stay still and don’t take on any more responsibility. It’s beyond you. Please. Leave us alone. Rotten borough.


Time for heads to roll.


Do they still have to use a ‘push barge’ at enormous expense?

What a joke!

I’d say, off with their gonads!


Has the old floating bridge been cut up yet? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy it back and reinstate it?

Honestly, Is there no accountability for this disastrous replacement floating bridge. I feel mainly so sorry for the people who work in Cowes but live in East Cowes or vice versa. I am an Islander but live on the mainland now and regularly came over before the virus and always used the old floating bridge, but would not risk my car now even when this one is… Read more »
Steve Goodman

…but Private Eye and others do see many reports of the three year old floatie fiasco, so it’s probably just a matter of time.

The Island does feature again in the latest edition; the CP opens the short Malgorithms section (1527, p.13).


How come it’s taken nearly two weeks to discover there is a hydraulic fault ?

Benny C
Maybe Ian Ward was browsing on the internet for trousers to buy and didn’t hear the phone. Or perhaps he just doesn’t accept he has anything to do with this mess despite it happening through his department, on his watch. Alternatively, maybe a delegation of councillors wanted a site visit (nice little earner per mile no doubt) and it took a while to organise the (Expensed) cakes… Read more »

Sinking it in the middle of the solent would be the best option with those involved who decided to have it built of the Island