Roundup of scams for Isle of Wight residents to be aware of

If you know a vulnerable person who might benefit from this information, please share it with them – it could save them from falling victim to one of these, or any other scams

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Isle of Wight Trading Standards have some more scams to warn you about this week.  

We have had reports from residents about the following but there will be others.

  • Phone calls from Open Reach to say they are in your area and there is a problem with your line and asking you to log into your laptop/PC and download an app – DON’T This is a scam.
  • Scam Texts and Calls purporting to be HMRC. Sometimes they will indicate that you are entitled to a refund, other times they can be particularly intimidating accusing you of owing money and threatening arrest if you don’t do what they say. Both are SCAMS – the HMRC will never contact you in this way.
  • Phone call saying that your National Insurance number has been compromised and asking you to press 1 – DON’T this is a scam, they will try to gain your personal and or banking information – Hang up.
  • Whatsapp message advising you that there is a scam going around called Martinelli and telling you to share this with your contacts so that nobody falls victim to it – the actual Whatsapp message is the scam and is designed to mine as much contact information as it can for future scams – DON’T share it – Delete it.

Scam texts can be forwarded to 7726 and scam emails sent on to [email protected] where the information will be gathered and used for intelligence.

Report scams online:  Action Fraud or on the phone: 0300 123 2040.

A short video aimed at raising awareness around scams and doorstep crime is available at

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Image: Kev Costello under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 5th March, 2021 12:29pm



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Steve Goodman

Again –

“Good of the council to try to warn residents about scamming; less good that the council chose to attack rightly concerned residents trying to warn the council about the long-term PFI road scam they insisted on lumbering us with…”


Just before 9am today I was called by 07356 246864. The recorded message said I was being investigated for a HMRC tax fraud. Given I do my own tax return as a small business owner, it was obvious it was a scam. I was invited to press the 1 key. Which I didn’t for obvious reasons. Hope this helps someone avoid this scam.


I was told today nurses were to get only 1% pay rise enough for upto 90 minutes extra car parking charges at hospitals. Was that a scam?


How much do nurses earn and do they get paid for overtime?


Whatever they earn, it isn’t enough for the work they do, especially in this past year, and without proper PPE.


I wonder how much the battle fatigue soldiers got for fighting Isis? Do they get overtime?


The latest I had was a text from Parcel Force saying that they could not deliver as nobody was at home.
I was told I had to send re-delivery payment of £2:20 by card. Also to include my date of birth — to prove my age in case there were knives or other restricted items in the package

A Postie would have left a note to advise

Mark L Francis
My son was phoned up by some muppet who said “There has been some suspicious trfaiic on your internet account. Did you make a connection in California & in the Philippines on the same day” he said “Yes. That was me” & the caller asked HIM “Are you insane?” I had an email where the sender threatened to send details of all the adult websites I had… Read more »