Rumour: Three Conservative Councillors To Vacate Their Seats

Some are muttering about up coming by-elections.

There’s a rumour flying around County Hall among the councillors, that some Conservative councillors will be stepping-down over the next few months.

Rumour: Three Conservative Councillors To Vacate Their SeatsVentnorBlog has been told that the number of seats to be vacated have been as high as three, leading to the possibility of the Island seeing three by-elections in the next three months.

The Isle of Wight county elections were held in June 2009, just over a year ago.

There are 40 councillor seats on the Island, with the Conservatives currently controlling 24 25 of them.

Being a rumour, it could, of course, turn out to be nothing but hot air – or if true, they may be persuaded to change their minds and stay.

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Thursday, 5th August, 2010 2:05pm



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I thought the Conservative Group had 25 councillors. Didn’t they win Ryde South from Liberal Dems?


They did, with the Liberal Democrats getting an early taste of how Islanders feel about their disgusting Coalition at Westminster, when they plummeted to third.

Sally Perry

Ah yes, you’re right. Simon got the figure from the council website here which we guess hasn’t been updated.

However, do see that there is another more up-to-date version here though.


I’ve heard rumour that some non-Conservative councillors will be resigning seats also. Can you publish a story on this also, as I consider this story to have as much validity as yours!


I guess you’ve just done it, by leaving the comment.


Well cowesterry rumour is about all one can expect on a blag, sorry, blog compiled by non-journalists who clearly have nothing better to do than curtain twitch.

intentionally blank
non journalists? I do beleive simon is a member of the national union of journalists. Might be wrong but Im sure he can tell us. I would imagine the NUJ has a prequisite that its members actually be journalists. As for rumour, yes it is. And Simon has stated so clearly. I find it reassuring that VB has stated clearly that this is a rumor and isnt… Read more »
Hmmm…a cursory glance at the NUJ application form shows merely that one has to be proposed and seconded by another NUJ member (but if you can’t find an NUJ member, looks like they’ll sort this out for you). Nothing about needing to verify qualifications or anything of that nature. I thought journalists had to have qualified in some kind of accredited course (don’t they need to know… Read more »
intentionally blank

as far as i know theres no qualification in journalism that is needed to be a journalist. The simple fact that Simon is able to research, write, and publish stories shows his journalisim credentials.

From your comment it sounds like you might have a personal issue with Simon and Sal. Maybe you should sort that out directly with them rather than slagging them off in public.

Rubber Bullett

Oh dear, the Tory rumour mill says Peter Bingham couldn’t work with the Leader? There is certainly some personality clashing going on and much unhappiness in the ranks. The question is, will they jump before someone launches a bid to replace the present Leader?

Victor Meldrew
With the Bingham cove resigning his cabinet post “for hesalth reasins” leaves the way open for a leadership challenge. I’m cynical enough to believe that when a politician tells me there has not been a fall out with colleagues that is exactly what has taken place. The dreaded PB is the only one with sufficient brain cells not to need daily watering and is therefore the only… Read more »
becky eastgate

heres hoping then some services maybe retained student rider, vunlerable adult services be still where needed in day centres and respite centre, education may get better looked after, youth clubs continue.


looking around the options, should Mr Pugh choose to move on / fall on his sword….who couldreplace him.

I’ve tried to find someone with the ability, and looked at recent movements and the only one that seems ‘out of place’ was the enterence of Maximus Massilius into the mix


Nothing personal at all, just interested to know if qualified journalists write for the site and if they do, I stand corrected. Qualified by the NCTJ, that is. Not the NUJ.

intentionally blank
then why not simply ask instead of making a comment about ‘blag, sorry blog’ and saying that VB are curtain twitchers? Im all for people asking questions, but it really gets on my wick when people put it in a nasty way. Theres no need to be sarcastic or nasty if all you want to know is if Simon and Sal are qualified. Simply ask. The way… Read more »

I believe it has been asked before and we were told that Sal isn’t a qualified journalist. Not sure about Simon? Simon, perhaps you would be so kind as to enlighten us?

intentionally blank
I think your right, it has been asked before. I emphasise asked. Its not been commented on in a snide and childish way. Perhaps Simon will enlighten you if you apologise for your comment. Or, maybe if you already know or think you know the answer, as seems to be the case, you shouldnt waste everyones time by asking pointless questions in an incredably confrontational and childish… Read more »

And who cares anyway.

The option is always read it, contribute, or not…

you don’t have to be qualified to have an opinion

intentionally blank

absolutely. I didnt want to say that bit. I think it would have come out as ‘If you dont like it, bugger off and read the county press’ :-)

Victor Meldrew
I’m not entirely sure that being a “qualified” journalist has much bearing on opinion and or ability to string two words together in a meaningful way. The unlamented Sun editor, the egregious Kelvin McKenzie (he of “Gotcha” & Hilssborough fame) was a qualified journalist! I prefer the open and transparent public platform of VB that allows all sorts of opinion to be aired, including the attempt to… Read more »

How Boring!

Ha ha well done VB, looks like you’re really getting under the skin of a few people on the Island (at last). As no 5 says, who cares whether you’ve passed an exam or not, I certainly don’t and I’m sure most of the other readers don’t either. Keep up the good work and I hope you ignore the attempts of people like Tony, whose agenda is… Read more »

Oh, ok. If it’s not hard facts you’re after then, rather than the dear old CP, I’d rather recommend you to the following: the spoof dot com and search for the Isle of Wight. It makes a great read!

intentionally blank
Im quite happy reading VB and the county press occasionally thankyou. Its yourself that seems to have a problem. Im now finding myself wondering what that problem is? Or are you just the kind of person that likes to stir sh*t and have arguments? To be honest I really dont care. Its late and Im going to bed. I hope slagging people off keeps you happy, but… Read more »

Its on a feed on my homepage for a dose of humour every day.

I also read the CP, the Chronicle online and about 5 other Island blogs/news pages relevent to the IOW.

VB is still the most ‘authentic’ and genuine news blog with the most voiced opinions.


Only three??? :-( Damn…


Does Pugh see himself bigger and better than the Isle of Wight Tories?

Daniel Clarke

Any predictions who the tory councillors could be who are stepping down?


If this rumour comes to pass my money is on Bill Wyatt-Millington, Jerry White and Peter Bingham. The first appears to be a very moral man caught up in a next of vipers. The second is decent chap who is out of his comfort zone. And Bingham has nothing left to offer after his hoped for coup failed to emerge.