Ryde Labour demands greater police resources to tackle anti-social behaviour

Ryde Labour say the police budget on the Isle of Wight has been slashed to the point that police can no longer even deploy cameras to deter anti-social behaviour and keep our community safe.

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Julian shares this latest news on behalf of Ryde Labour. Ed

At a meeting of Ryde Town Council on Monday 3rd September, Councillors expressed concern about consistent anti-social behaviour including threats to the public, taking place at the Ryde seafront.

Local residents have asked for CCTV cameras to be used to try and address the issue.

No access to cameras
At the meeting, the local police representative confirmed that the police do see CCTV as an effective deterrent.

However, the officer also pointed out that the local police no longer have access to deployable cameras.

Police budget slashed
Ryde Labour Chair and Ryde Town Councillor, Sue Lyons, said:

“People sometimes seem to think our campaign against austerity policies is some academic argument. But it’s not. Austerity is the cutting back of essential public services, such as the police.

“Because of the Conservative Government austerity policies, the police budget on the Island has been slashed to the point that they can no longer even deploy cameras to deter anti-social behaviour and keep our community safe.

“Nationally, we have seen 21,000 police officers cut since 2010. We’ve also lost 7,000 neighbourhood police officers in just three years. The police cutbacks on the Island itself are well-known and worrying.

“This is what austerity means on the frontline of public services, and it is not acceptable. The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens, and this government is failing to do that.”

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Tuesday, 4th September, 2018 11:48am


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So did the Ryde Councillors vote to give themselves iPads last night at a cost of £4800+vat? From the published agenda: “That in order to assist with compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations the Council purchase 16 Ryde Town Council dedicated iPads for councillors at a cost in the region of £4,800 (excluding VAT) and that the cost of this purchase be met from reserves. ”… Read more »

Cllr Lucioni posted on Facebook that there was a motion passed for the Finance Committee to take a ‘further look’ – so the decision has been deferred for now. In justification, she also stated “One councillor said it was to make us look more professional” (!)

So that’s alright then.


I should state that Cllr Lucioni is strongly opposed, the justification came from another unknown councillor.


Speaking out about the lack of funding for essential public services is not “political point scoring” it is a statement of fact.

Mark L Francis

Police are all down Sandown Council playing silly buggers…

iain mckie

Police state creeps up on us in many guises.

Ms Lyons statement above is wholly inaccurate political point scoring that achieves precisely nothing to address the issue of balancing Public Finances expenditure against income revenue. Nor indeed, does the above statement, in common with every other ‘professional moaner’ suggest any realistic plan to address the problem of unaccountable and profligate public spending, other than, by implication, spending more and more of tax payers money to address… Read more »