Staff cuts planned at Sandown Bay Academy

OnTheWight has paperwork showing the failing Academy has entered a period of redundancy consultation with eleven posts at risk.


Several members of teaching and support staff at Sandown Bay Academy were informed this week that their jobs may be at risk.

OnTheWight understands the Academy are seeking to axe a total of seven and a half teaching posts and three and a half support posts.

The Academy, which went into Special Measures in March this year, was heavily criticised by the Ofsted Inspector for providing an inadequate quality of teaching, but a spokesperson for the sponsor, AET, has said the changes are needed because the school reorganisation left the Academy with too many teachers.

The timetable for change
OnTheWight has seen a copy of the consultation timetable which reveals the Governing Body approved the proposed redundancies at the beginning of May.

The consultation will run until 7th June and staff will be informed of the outcome of the consultation on 24th June.

According to the paperwork, formal dismissal meetings will take place on 18th July when, where necessary, redundancy notices will be issued.

The last day for employment for any teaching staff subject to redundancy will be 31 December 2013.

Improvements are underway
The latest report from Ofsted since the Academy went into Special Measures shows there has been improvement in many areas and that the school is on course to see an improvement in GCSE results this summer.

AET say that they hope that staff will consider voluntary redundancy or job share.

Mike Barnett from AET told OnTheWight,

“The proposed reorganisation is to bring staffing costs within budgets that will be driven by a planned decline in future student numbers, as well as to ensure that the restructured Academy can better meet their educational needs in the future.

“Currently the school needs to reduce the number of teaching posts by 7.5 and support staff by 3.5. With anticipated staffing requests for voluntary redundancy, job sharing and more flexible hour working these numbers are expected to reduce. There is a current staff complement of over 300.

“Secondary reorganisation on the Island saw the size of the school rise dramatically from 1550 in 2010 to nearly 2,100 the next year. The optimum number for the site is around 1500 and this is expected to be achieved by 2016, mainly through a decline of student numbers in the area and thereby a significant reduction in the budget.

“Until the period of consultation is over, Friday 7 June, and staff have had the opportunity to state their intentions we can not say where any possible compulsory redundancies may occur.”

Image: Todd Binger under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 24th May, 2013 9:55am



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Email updates?
A classic incompetent management practice! A failed “academy” (sic!) that consistently achieves poor examination results, fails the student body and a demoralises a poorly managed teaching staff. So what’s the answer? Demoralise the staff even further by instituting compulsory redundancies- sheesh! An FE College I know reduced teaching staff numbers and salaries so that it could have a “Marketing Dept”. What will AET spend the money it… Read more »
Robert Jones
The farce that is island education continues apace – inadequate teaching, according of OFSTED: and what’s the response? Cutting teacher numbers…. why of course; why didn’t I think of that….? Privatizing and sponsoring schools is as stupid an idea as any secretary of state for education has ever had, and calling them “academies” doesn’t make up for failing schools. Asinine policies nationally, coupled with incompetent, shambling management… Read more »
United we Stand, divided we fall !!! The inevitable has happened. The teachers have not been organised and their voice has not been heard and why? There has been much happening at this establishment but the staff has kept its collective head down and no-one has been able to hear their point of view on any of the issues. Where is the NUT? Where is the representation… Read more »

The Ryde And East Wight Trades Council (as do all Trades Councils on the island) welcomes the input of Teachers’ representatives at the Trades Council level. The Teachers’ unions can develop the
education policy and decision making process.We look forward to further affiliation from Teachers’ organisations.


Is it me, or does the Ryde Trades Council seem to specialise in saying not very much and using as many words as possible to say it? What exactly are you offering teachers? Why should they become affiliated with you? What do you offer that the large teaching unions dont?


I’ve said before that there’s always an oddly cold, totalitarian-like tone to RTC posts. I imagine huge busts of their leaders, and mass-parades…. Probably not the case, but there seems to be no trace of individuality in the posts.


It seems to me that no-one is “offering” the teachers anything. The point being that the teachers have to do it themselves. What are the teachers offering?

Unfortunately Mat, teachers are a waste of space when it comes to taking industrial action. I write as a former union rep in a college. They don’t attend union meetings, preferring to go shopping during the lunch break. If a strike is called, many sneak in through a back door or go in early to avoid pickets. I finally decided I was not going to stick my… Read more »
Don Smith

Don’t keep your heads down have courage of your own convictions

Mat who?


Anybody thought it may be that the teachers are not good enough? I was told by a teacher who moved here a couple of years ago that she could not believe the poor teaching, from lazy teachers. Exam results were appalling before the Acadamies and the school re-org, so explain that?


I’m looking forward to such time as you ever post something positive, bayboy. Life must be hard if you feel annoyed all the time.

Undoubtedly there are some weak/lazy teachers who need replacing- but are they weak/lazy because they have been demoralised by the reorganisation and incompetent AET management? With regards to the previous results- I know at least two students who consistently gained A+ marks throughout their time at Sandown but since AET took over they have achieved only B and C marks and in one case a D. As… Read more »
sandown bay student

bay boy, you are right, some of the teachers are lazy and just dont care anymore but there are still many who have our best interests at heart, and trymes, you would be angry too if your education was as pathetic as ours.

joe pub

it seems though we have some teachers commenting here. If that’s all they have to say, might as well clear the lot out and start again.Soon be the long holidays, never mind.


@joe pub. “clear the lot out and start again.”

“get rid of this load of turkeys and hire a new load of turkeys”- eh?

Maybe the turkeys are those who run the academies with which I would agree.

But I do not think joe-pub really meant that, so perhaps it is a good job that the advice of saloon-bar professors of “know-all-about-everything” is usually ignored. :-))


Agree with you, Cicero. What a lovely black-and-white world some people live in. Apparently everything would work like (dare I say it!) clockwork, if they were in charge.

I must apologise, the Trades Unions made some very good points in the CP and are attempting to put the record straight. Alan saunders and John McGee said a failing school should should be recruiting more teachers to create smaller classes and improve standards, not making them redundant. A warning was also issued about the problems that could arise when the Free Schools come in, which could… Read more »
watching you

Dont forget the support staff at greenmount who are in the same boat as reported in last weeks CP. How many more schools will follow suit now?


Cicero live in the real world . If the teachers are not good enough get rid of them. Any other profession would.


@sandt “Cicero live in the real world . If the teachers are not good enough get rid of them”.

Which bit of my comment (25 May @12.34) “Undoubtedly there are some weak/lazy teachers who need replacing.” do you not understand?



I was agreeing with you.

Does not “Weak/lazy” = “not good enough” = incompetent. Applies both to teachers but also local management and the academy system in general.

Clear out the dead wood in the teaching staff and management.


Sandt, why are you apportioning blame to the teachers?


“Cicero” read what you have put down yourself before asking me “what I do not understand”. I did not say that they were demoralised I said that they were incompendent. Do you understand?
“Peaceful life” Who do you blame?

Personally, I don’t see the point in blaming anyone, it’s not down to any individual per se, and this is the danger, there is much finger pointing, and solutions directed at tweaking elements of the system, when in actual fact, it is the system itself. Like it or not, that system is designed to grow for the sake of growth itself, thus…there is no substance of well… Read more »

No but it does explain why we are in the situation we are.

@peaceful_life’ All good points! I agree. As they say “Fish rots from the head”- in this case the “head” comprises a series of incompetent Education Ministers over the last decade following ideological aims far removed from education.. The latest being one of the worst Education Ministers in his determination that as much public property (schools, playing fields, sports centres)are gifted to the private sector as quickly as… Read more »

Indeed, Cicero.

This is the systemic nature of perpetual growth, there is nothing left to sell, so…it’s sells itself.

I’m not simply pontificating from an ideological point of view either, the mathematics, science, and ‘popular culture’ are all there to be scrutinised and examined, it’s a provable fact that this system is neither healthy, nor sustainable.


“Limits to Growth” (1972)?

Club of Rome lives! :-))


I think, it’s projections have landed about 5%-10% out, but even so, covering the vast complexities, that’s a staggering level of accuracy. The models can no longer keep up, and compute certain dynamics.

Perhaps it should of been a foundation for the curriculum, now that would of been novel.


If any teachers are reading this thread, may I suggest you take a look at these modules that are offered to all schools, perhaps discuss them with your peers, and get them on the curriculum.

sandown bay student

oh yay!! further cuts thats going to improve our education! how about instead of getting rid of them you put a bit of money and effort into improving their skills, maybe if that was done in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess now.
or of course we could stick to your plans, sack them and save a bit of cash?