Sandown Bay pupils call for AET to be removed from school

Over 450 pupils from Sandown Bay Academy took part in a peaceful sit-in today to protest at plans to merge their school in September 2018 with Ryde Academy.

sba sixth formers banners

Over 450 students from Sandown Bay Academy took part in a peaceful protest today.

Nathan Doran, the deputy head boy, organised the peaceful ‘sit in’ as a protest to plans for the Sandown secondary school to be merged with Ryde Academy.

Both schools are run by Academies Enterprise Trust (AET).

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Sandown Bay Academy pupils peaceful protest

Chanting “Get AET out the door”
A number of banners and posters were created by the students to be used at the later demo with parents on the rugby field opposite the school.

They chanted,

“1234 get AET out the door, 5678 give it back to the state!”

The pupil’s protest merged into the parent-led one that began at 3pm.

Just last week, pupils gave impassioned defence of the Academy following a negative report about the school in the County Press.

Tuesday, 9th May, 2017 4:39pm



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Well done to all the children that are defending there school. AET must not be allowed to get away with closing this school


Great to see parents and students taking a stand, hoping that the nationals will take an interest given recent Ofsted toasting of AET. Looks very reminiscent of the Cowes Enterprise protest in 2014,

Adi w

It was good to see many new Councillors supporting parents and pupils in the fight against A.E.T .