See: Oil rigs and barrels with skeletons placed on Ventnor’s miniature Isle of Wight

Campaigners have placed models of oil rigs and barrels, with skeletons scattered around on Ventnor’s mini Isle of Wight to draw attention to their campaign

Environmentalists painted No oil wells on the Wight on the Ventnor Paddling Pool

News shared by group of environmentalists who would like to remain anonymous. No paint was used, the letters were pre-fabricated and placed on the Island then removed when campaigners left. In their own words. Ed

On Saturday morning, a small group of Environmental campaigners, who care passionately about our Island and our world, got up early to send this message from the iconic paddling pool on Ventnor seafront. This is in response to UKOG’s planning application to drill for oil on the Isle of Wight

Comments must be submitted by 24th July either online or by letter. Coincidentally, 24th July marks one year since the Isle of Wight Council declared a Climate Emergency. That declaration stated that the Isle of Wight Council would work towards net zero carbon by 2030.

The Group feel that by allowing this drilling to happen, the council would be going backwards on this commitment. 

No paint was used at all, the letters were pre-fabricated and placed there

Have your say
The group are encouraging people of ALL AGES to make comments on the planning application. 

There are guidelines on what you can comment about, these can all be found on the Isle of Wight Council’s Web page Planning Portal.

Read the guidance
The group strongly recommend that guidance is read before commenting on the proposed planning application , to make an effective, pertinent comment. 

No paint was used at all, the letters were pre-fabricated and placed there

 The planning reference number is:   20/00513/FUL

“We owe this to the land, to nature and to future generations to protect the richness and diversity that we see on the Island. If people don’t take action and comment, then it could be passed. There is a time for taking action on this, and it is now.”

Monday, 22nd June, 2020 10:47am



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A brilliant initiative, well done! If we don’t fight this planning application with everything we’ve got, our Island’s beautiful landscapes, clean air, clean drinking water, productive soils and grazing land, nationally rare wildlife, and tranquility will be just a fond memory. Once an oil company gets a foot in the door, there will be no stopping them from turning half of the Island into an industrial landscape.… Read more »

Frack free IOW
I just don’t see how pumping chemicals into the ground benefits anyone, especially our Children and our Childrens Children. How it is it not going to affect the water table.


First fight for freedom, then worry about the rest, ie the freedom of NEVER being forced to lockdown or wear a mask or social distance, and people who are in pain needing urgent surgery should be prioritised and not have to wait just because of some virus risk which has been massively blown out of proportion.


More tinfoil needed here.