Seely votes against weekly Covid-19 testing for NHS and care home staff

The day before he issued a press release praising Isle of Wight NHS and care home staff, Isle of Wight MP voted against weekly Covid-19 testing for them

weekly testing for care staff

Just one day after voting against weekly Covid-19 testing of NHS and social care staff, Conservative Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely issued a press release praising NHS and care home staff on the Isle of Wight.

The motion had been put forward by Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jon Ashworth, and called for (among other things):

The Government to implement a routine weekly testing programme for all NHS and Social Care staff to enable NHS services to safely resume and ensure the continuity of services throughout the winter alongside a functional, national, public test, trace and isolate system

In his speech to the House, Bob Seely said, “The more we can test staff—fortnightly, if not weekly—the better,” so News OnTheWight has asked Mr Seely why he chose to vote against the motion for weekly testing and we’ll update once we hear back.

CARE badge scheme
As well as the items already picked out in Mr Seely’s press release (read in full), he’d also asked in his speech to the House for an update on when the Government CARE badge scheme would be launched.

Back in April Matt Hancock (Health and Social Care Secretary) put the CARE badge scheme back in the spotlight, when he hailed it as a “badge of honour” to unite the social care workforce under one banner.

CARE badge brand rights transferred Matt Hancock
The scheme was actually launched in June 2019 by a Community Interest Company called Care Badge and Nursing Times reporting in February 2020 that it had “really taken off”, with 100,000 of the green badges already sold.

However, following Mr Hancock’s speech in April, the official Website for Care Badge now reads,

The CARE badge brand rights have now been transferred to the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care.

To prevent the possible lopsided distribution of both CARE badges and information about their use, we have halted issuing badges and associated logos until the necessary new details are finalised.

Image: United Nations under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 25th June, 2020 5:27pm



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Eagle eye
Bob Seely sees himself in the Foreign Office and will do anything to get there. He co-wrote the paper that merged the Department for International Development with the Foreign Office. More power for him when he gets the job of his dreams He will say and do anything to climb the greasy pole and this latest vote shows what a hypocrite he is and what he will… Read more »

He may see himself as FCO material, but owing to his obsessive anti China anti Russia plus really odd concern about dating site ownership he would be a terrible choice. His wiki page is really disturbing (obviously self written). He def has short man syndrome and is desperate to be noticed/love. Awful combination of flaws.

Mark L Francis

Right – so we don’t want to trade with China or Russia (I think we still have sanctions)obviously not Iran & the USA want us to take their mucked about food, so maybe not with then either. Running out of options post Brexit aren’t we? Didn’t think about that, did you Bob?


In all fairness Seely is, at best, a fair weather Brexiteer. But there probably is reason to think that his continual haranguing of the Chinese and Russians could be perceived as racist.


Well there’s a surprise.

What a despicable piece of work.


It is obvious Mr.Seely aspires to greater things in this Conservative administration. Toeing the line and not rocking the boat are page one tenets to achieving same.


Nye Bevan was right-the Tories are lower than vermin.


It’s a rum old day when you begin to reminisce about the good old times with Andrew Turner as MP

Benny C

No point voting for something your own government can’t deliver because it made daft decisions, created delay where solutions already existed. As a result additional lives And loved ones were lost, , while imposing further economic damage and embarrassing the nation on a global scale. Bob is part of, and Collectively accountable for, all of that.


The man is a just a weasel, and proves it again and again.
‘Help Saves Lives’ – ‘Vote Seedy Out’ – ‘Save our Sausages’


It is depressing that there is no mention of this in other local media online, so it is likely to remain a little-known fact. (It may have been in the print County Press, but I refuse to buy it.) Labour/Greens/Lib Dems MUST hammer this home — why wait for the election?