Six-year-old raises over £200 to help feed Isle of Wight children

A six-year-old Islander was so moved when he heard Island children might go hungry in the school holidays that he set about creating paintings to sell. He’s raised £200 so far!

George Wilson with one of his paintings

Six-year-old George Wilson, who attends Gatten and Lake Primary School, is the latest Islander to throw their efforts into raising money to help feed Isle of Wight children this half term.

The move came after Conservative MPs voted last week against extending food vouchers to families in need over the school holidays.

Gallery of paintings created
So moved by the news, George took it upon himself to create a series of paintings and sell them via his parent’s Twitter account, The Sacred Isle.

He’s put together a wonderful gallery of paintings and offering them for 50p each (but you can donate what you like) plus postage.

George Wilson creating one of his paintings
George Wilson's paintings
George Wilson's paintings
George Wilson's paintings

George’s Dad, Paul, says that if anyone decides to donate a fiver he’ll throw in a pack of Christmas cards too.

Show your support
If you would like to buy a painting and support George’s efforts to make sure children from struggling families don’t go hungry this half term, you can donate via Paul’s PayPal account.

So far George has already raised £200.

This selfless act of kindness, especially from someone so young, is the sort of thing that can bring tears to your eyes.

Well done George.

Sunday, 25th October, 2020 4:00pm



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