Snow Alert: Island Travel Information: Friday 8th (Update 14)

Current travel position.

Last updated: 4:05pm Friday

This page will be updated throughout the day with the latest travel information.

Jump to information about bus, train, cross-Solent service as well as the roads.

Road Closures
Calbourne Road to Betty Haunt Lane (dangerous conditions)
Brading Down Road (dangerous conditions)
Castle Road, Carisbrooke NOW OPEN (updated 14.43)
Cowleaze, Shanklin (dangerous conditions) (updated 9:40)
Bonchurch Road (dangerous conditions) (updated 9:40)
Oakhill Road, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 11.03)
Fairy Hill, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 11.03)
Puckpool Hill, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 11.03)
Queens Road, Freshwater, at request of police (updated 14.43)
Market Hill, Cowes, at request of police (updated 14.43)
Lower Highland Road, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 14.43)
Upper Highland Road, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 14.43)
Surbiton Grove, Ryde (impassable due to dangerous conditions) (updated 14.43)

Message from council about abandoned cars
Many people have begun collecting their cars that were abandoned. When a vehicle is moved from a road, this can leave a build-up of snow/ice that was up against a vehicle. The council urges drivers to take care when driving past these build-ups of compacted snow/ice as they can be very dangerous and solid. The council is working to remove these build-ups of snow/ice on primary

Bus Services
School Services
* No school services will operate on Thursday 7 January 2010.

Revised Service 23: Planned to run Sat 9th Jan – depending on conditions. Route will be assessed at 07:30am, if safe to do so service will start at Newchurch at 09:38.

Revised service 2: Running Saturday 9th Jan – depending on conditions
Route will be assessed at 07:30am, if safe to do so service will start at Sandown High St at 09:30.

Southern Vectis
*There will be no Southern Vectis Nightbuses running this evening*

Route 1:
Running as far as Three Gates Road Now going to Cowes via Four Cross, Three Gates Road, Newport Road to end, left into Mill Hill Road, right into Newport Road to Newport – every 30 mins.

Route 2:
Newport operating from 09.15 every 30mins at 15/45 mins to Ryde, not via Green Lane or Tesco

Route 3:
Running hourly between Ventnor and Newport Only (Via Rookley not Merstone, and not via Spring Hill) Update 2:30pm

Route 4:
Operating normal route from Ryde bus station to East Cowes (updated 13:55pm)

Route 5:
Every 30 mins between Newport to East Cowes via York Avenue.

Route 7:
SV are planning to run a bus shortly via Shalfleet, Yarmouth, Totland, Freshwater and back the via the same route. (updated 12:47pm)

Route 8:
Hourly from Ryde to Bembridge via Nettlestone, St Helens and Bembridge Crossway and back via same route. Not serving Seaview (updated 13:55pm)

Route 9:
Buses every 20 mins. via Fairlee Rd. on route 9 will now go directly into Ryde bus station.

Cross-Solent Travel
Portsmouth to Fishbourne Car Ferry Service

0630am – Portsmouth sailing cancelled
0730am – Fishbourne sailing cancelled

Lymington Flyer
Service suspended, test service taking place mid morning after which service may resume

Friday, 8th January, 2010 7:15am



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Southern Vectis bus has just gone down Mitchell Avenue into Ventnor at normal speed.


Any indication of whether it got out again?


Heard a rumour a 3 left Newport at 10 via Rookley,Godshill and Wroxall to Trinity Church and back same way to Newport.


I just saw the No 3 drive up Pier Street.


I saw a single decker No 3 bus going along Newport Road towards Ventnor and it came back up about 20-30 mins later. There were people on it, assume it was going to Newport.

Sorry to sound like a grumpy old thing, but I can’t help but wonder if a lack of common sense is making conditions even worse than mother nature has already dealt us. In Ryde I’ve seen kids and adults going down roads and pavements on sledges, trays, snowboards, body boards and anything else they can find. Tremendous fun for sure, but it’s making already tricky surfaces absoltely… Read more »
Malcolm Ross

Wightbus ‘revised service 2’ should read service 22 (the Sandown- Lake Shanklin service)

John Williams

Number 3 has now stopped running again due to ice on roads in ventnor. (8pm 08/1/10)


has there been any word on when the post is going to start getting back through