Snow on the Wight: 3.Dec.2010: Live Transport Updates

Updates as they happen. We hear, You hear.

Last updated 7:46pm 3.Dec.10

All you need to find out what’s happening with Island Transport in the Snow is on this page.

Snow on the Wight: 3.Dec.2010: Live Transport UpdatesAs VentnorBlog hears directly from the transport companies, we’ll update the information, so you see it when you need it.

School bus advice
In relation to school buses, we’re advised that all school contract buses on Friday are intended to be run, except those who announce a school closure.

However, many of the contracts operate on untreated and rural roads, so local diversions and delays are likely.

Parents are advised to stay with students until they have been collected.

Just Refresh/reload this page to see the latest.

Image: viriyincy under CC BY-SA 2.0

Thursday, 2nd December, 2010 7:45pm



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Alicia Peace
St Lawrence Village still cut of from rest of Island. Please help us, St Lawrence, Undercliff Drive and all surrounding roads are full of ice and snow and we are still unable to get into Ventnor. Council are not responding and we have heard there is another severe weather coming in tonight at 5pm. The council say they will not spend money on gritting a mile of… Read more »
m butcher

Its are money. Its about time council tax payers, had a say how they spend it.They go on jollys, at are expence. While we are stuck in are houses,because they won.t grit are road.