All welcome to launch of 2018 Hullabaloo Soapbox Challenge

The Hullabaloo Soapbox Challenge takes place over the 12-13th May next year. Head to the launch event to find out more about getting involved.

Hullabaloo soap box challenge 2017

If you saw the first Hullabaloo Soapbox Challenge in Yaverland earlier this year and thought, “that’s something I’d love to get involved with next year”, your chance to find how to do that is coming up this month.

The launch of the 2018 Hullabaloo Soapbox Challenge takes place on Thursday 16th November between 6-8pm at the Shademakers workshop in Wroxall.

Get involved
Anyone who fancies getting involved, whether that’s to take part, or help run the event are welcome to attend.

If you’re on Facebook head over to the event page to confirm your attendance.

This year’s theme is Wheels and Squeals (or which there were many this year!) and the event takes place over two days 12th-13th May 2018.

Here’s a brief capture of the first Hullabaloo Soapbox Derby held earlier this year.

The location for the launch event is Shademakers UK, Castleworks, Castle Road, Wroxall PO38 3DS

Location map
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Thursday, 2nd November, 2017 12:23pm



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