Spate of vandalism adds costs for parish council

As well as vandalism to the public toilets, a piece of outdoor gym equipment that can be used to charge mobile phones was burnt with a lighter.

Vandalism of Post Office Lane toilets - paint on walls

Lucy shares this latest news on behalf of Newport and Carisbrooke Parish council. Ed

Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council has been left counting the cost of a recent spate of vandalism in the parish.

At Church Litten, a piece of outdoor gym equipment which can be used to charge mobiles was burnt with a lighter and is awaiting repair.

Public toilets around the town, taken on by the Parish Council from the Isle of Wight Council, have repeatedly been targeted with paint and graffiti, toilet roll dispenser damaged as well as a recent broken window.  The cubicle doors were recently voluntarily repainted at South Street by Island Cleaning Solutions, however these have once again been targeted with graffiti. 

Vandalism of toilets in Newport - with paint splattered over walls

At Seaclose toilets, roof tiles have been deliberately damaged by objects being thrown onto the roof and broken beer bottles left on the ground.

Councillor Steve Hastings, Chairman of Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council’s Assets and Facilities Committee said,

“It is disappointing just as we are attempting to create better facilities for Newport’s residents that mindless vandalism comes into play which ultimately is an extra cost to all residents as we have to pay to make good the damage to our facilities.”

Vandalism of toilets in Newport - with paint splattered over walls

The Parish Council has plans to replace the current toilet block at Post Office Lane with self-contained Danfo units as well as artwork and planting added to improve the area.

Monday, 12th August, 2019 11:38am



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Benny C

Nice. How about investing £70 in a covert tracker camera which would record culprits and hopefully lead to them paying the price for their moment of misguided pleasure?


If only there was CCTV cameras in Newport that were being watched. Perhaps it would take four operatives but if it helped to keep the town safer it would be money well spent. A bit of crime prevention often deters people. I wonder why Newport doesn’t have any operational CCTV?

Benny C
Dinosaur Dave Stewart likes to say he is an evidence based leader. Well, Dave, here’s a thing. You evidently don’t consider that the Council need to think through their security strategy more carefully, so next time there is a tragic incident in Newport and someone gets badly hurt or worse, we will be asking you searching questions about your opinions and qualification to take on a senior… Read more »
iain mckie

Vandals burnt a dog waste bin between Totland and Freshwater over the weekend. Made of plastic the whole thing melted and its contents spewed out.


Benny C, you do know that “trouser browser” means homosexual man?

Are we falling into the trap of ‘blame the bored and frustrated youth’ again? When I taught children with Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, focusing them on productive work or play, that gave them satisfaction, was the key. Often they derived most pleasure from helping the old, the young, and people with disadvantages. They ‘moved on’ from the need for violence and damaging the property of the perceived… Read more »