Free skateboarding sessions thanks to Newport and Carisbrooke Parish Council

john cattles skateclub poster

12 to 16-year-olds in Newport won't be able to say they've got nothing to do this half term, as John Cattle's Skate Club offer a range of free skateboarding sessions, supported by the parish council.

Friday, 8th February, 2019 2:22pm

By Sally Perry

Watch: Lauran Hibberd’s latest music video features Isle of Wight skateboarding stars

lauran hibberd and martha

The track was recorded in a former water tower on Queen Victoria's estate on the Isle of Wight and the music video recorded at John Cattle's Skateclub. We love it!

Friday, 26th October, 2018 6:37pm

By Sally Perry

Seven-year-old Martha joins the Wight Trash Skate crew

martha and john skating green

This sparkly seven-year-old from the Isle of Wight has just been recruited to the Wight Trash skateboarding team. Check out these great videos of her awesome performance.

Thursday, 21st June, 2018 2:31pm

By Sally Perry

Busting the myths about future of Sandown skatepark


All sorts of rumours have been flying around, but a spokesperson from Sandown Town Council is able to bust the myths and explain what's happening.

Thursday, 22nd February, 2018 10:55am

By Sally Perry

Vandalism closes Ventnor Skatepark ramps: But good news on the horizon

Ramp fix up

Of course it's disappointing that vandals have damaged Ventnor's skatepark (BTW - Can you help fix it up?) - but let's not be disheartened - There's some good news on the horizon for a much more secure future.

Friday, 25th August, 2017 5:48pm

By Zoe Thompson with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight skateboarding legend No. 7 in Top 50 Happy List


One of those who nominated John Cattle for the Happy List said, “He teaches you to be brave, tackle your fears, trust people and have fun.” Well done John, keep doing what you're doing.

Monday, 26th June, 2017 5:38pm

By Sally Perry

Calling all Isle of Wight female skateboarders: Don’t miss this

Stefani Nurding

Saturday brings the chance for Isle of Wight female skateboarders of all ages to meet two inspirational female skaters from the mainland, as they make their way over to Ryde Skate Park.

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017 5:59pm

By Zoe Thompson

Fingers crossed for skating hero, John Cattle, Positive Role Model finalist


Isle of Wight skateboarding hero, John Cattle, who helps enrich the lives of so many people each week, will head to Liverpool tonight as a positive role model finalist in the National Diversity Awards.

Friday, 16th September, 2016 7:51am

By Sally Perry

John Cattle shortlisted for Positive Role Model Award

john cattle

It's no surprise to hear that Isle of Wight skater, film-maker and all-round good egg, John Cattle, has been shortlisted as a nominee as a 'Positive Role Model' in the National Diversity Awards 2016.

Friday, 22nd July, 2016 2:14pm

By Sally Perry

John Cattle’s Skate Club wins £5k of building materials

John Cattle Skate Park

They didn't win the top prize, but impressed the judges so much, John Cattle's Skate Club were awarded £5,000 to spend on building materials.

Thursday, 14th July, 2016 6:59pm

By Rebecca Parker

Community skate club almost in lead for Jewson comp

john cattle's skate club

John Cattle's Skate Club are very close to being in the lead and could end up winning vital help from Jewsons to renovate their permanent base. Do it for the kids. Vote today!

Monday, 23rd May, 2016 12:07pm

By Sally Perry

Skate Club needs your vote in the Jewson Building Better Communities comp

skateclub windows

Your vote could help John Cattle's Isle of Wight-based Skate Club win a prize of between £500 or £150,000 in building materials. It's quick and simple for Facebook users, so don't delay.

Tuesday, 17th May, 2016 2:16pm

By Sally Perry