Ferry in Friday’s deck incident back in service as of 6:40am

The St Helen has been out of operation since its deck collapsed on Friday evening, while authorities carried out an investigation. Its return seeks to relieve pressure on holiday traffic.

St Helen back in service 25 July 2014

The ferry, whose car deck collapsed last Friday night, was brought back into service by Wightlink at 6:40 this morning.

The craft, which Wightlink say, “Following consultation and with full approval of the authorities”, has “her mezzanine decks safely secured out of use”, will be used to “help us to get as many people to and from the Isle of Wight as possible”, by supporting “the revised timetable which Wightlink is running on its Portsmouth to Fishbourne route.”

Seeking to further reassure their customers, Wightlink’s Chief Operating Officer, John Burrows, said

“All of our ships undergo regular, planned maintenance and, even though St Helen’s mezzanine deck is of a different design to our other vessels, we have taken the precaution of having all our mezzanine decks independently inspected and we will continue to check them daily”.

He had previously been on BBC Solent, when he said

“The St Helen has been taken out of service and is sitting alongside in Portsmouth and will not go back into service until we’re confident that the issues has been resolved.”

Update 09:37 Added extra quotes from Wightlink to clarify authorities had approved the vessels return.

Friday, 25th July, 2014 8:46am


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Is this meant to wind up the keyboard warriors? ‘It will not go back into service until we are confident that the issues have been resolved’ Good line.

But a better one is ‘Following full consultation and with full approval of the authorities, from today St. Helen will be used to support the revised timetable’.

Scaremongering or just plain sh*# stirring.


Good that these ferries are not ‘grounded’ (like aircraft probably would be), good for people waiting to get across the water and good for business.

I think this has to be one of the finest examples of Commercial Pressure!

The Sciolist
With her mezzanine decks ‘out of use’ – safely locked away etc, we can at least be assured that they cannot fall. The poor passengers wanting to get to and from the Island this weekend will be grateful that they have put the old thing back in service. What really puzzles me is that Wightlink make around £1 million per month in operating profit. Most of this… Read more »

It’s our fault. We buy heavier cars. Perhaps Wightlink will start a charge by weight category? When you book they’ll be economy, standard, and lift me up on the mezzanine ‘cos I weigh lots more than thou class – £10K return plus 1% off any large coffee.

Brainstorming now:- Dogs go free if under 5kg – £10 per kilo if over. Campervans would have to travel water tank empty. Any vehicle with a ‘keep calm’ sticker £4 extra. £1 for each sticker corner. Car and trailer along the pier £75. Car on its own £1. Leave IOW holiday early ‘cos it’s raining – £10 each. “I complained because I can go to France cheaper’… Read more »