St Mary’s roundabout: Critical phase of works will bring further disruption (Maps)

Maps show the changes to the traffic flows for the next few months as the roadworks at St Mary’s (roundabout) junction continue

St Mary's junction roadworks

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Construction of the new St Mary’s junction is progressing well and remains on programme for completion before Christmas.

The works to the north of the roundabout fronting the hospital have been completed with a new shared footway/cycleway constructed on the opposite side of the road linking to the hospital via a new signal controlled crossing.

Single lane traffic remains
The contraflow has been removed although traffic in each direction remains in a single lane to help manage flows while construction continues on St Mary’s roundabout.

Forest Road junction
The completion of the new signal controlled junction with Forest Road is nearing completion with eastbound traffic already using the new junction and northbound slip road to Cowes.

An additional lane has been provided around the B&Q roundabout and the dual carriageway northbound approach to St Mary’s roundabout widened in readiness for the new signal controlled junction.

Next phase of works
The next crucial phase of the works to begin to form the new signal controlled junction and approach to the B&Q roundabout will start on 10th August.

This will require the closure of the access from St Mary’s roundabout to the Dodnor estate until early September during which time traffic will be diverted via Riverway. Access from the estate to St Mary’s roundabout will be retained throughout the period.

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St Mary's junction roadworks
10th-21st August 2020

The work has been scheduled during the summer when peak hour traffic flows through the junction are at the lowest and to avoid the start of the academic year at the college.

Access to the Dodnor estate will be reopened early in September when works will move to create the Hunnyhill bus link. This will allow services to continue to operate via that route while Hunnyhill is closed to allow the construction of that connection to the new junction later in the autumn.

21st August to 7th September

Motorists are advised that during the work, and because of the single lane access onto St Mary’s roundabout, there may be additional congestion during these phases. The council and Island Roads advise motorists to use alternative routes or to plan their journeys outside of busy periods if at all possible.

7th September to 12th October

Ward: Remain grateful for everyone’s continued patience
Cllr Ian Ward, Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, said:

“I am really pleased with the progress which has been made to remain on programme particularly in these challenging circumstances.

“This period will see the most disruptive part of the work although I am pleased it has been planned to minimise that as far as is possible.

“I hope the maps and information we are publishing in advance will help people to plan their essential journeys and we remain grateful for everyone’s continued patience as we progress this important junction improvement.”

Burton: The critical phase will bring with it some disruption
Kevin Burton, Island Roads network manager, said:

“Though the past few months have not been without challenges we are delighted to have been able to maintain progress and keep the project on schedule.

“We are now entering a critical phase which will bring with it some disruption, but after which we really will be on the home straight with the finishing line in sight.

“Part of the reason we have been able to maintain progress is because of the co-operation and understanding residents and businesses have shown.

“I am sure they will continue to work with us as we move through these critical next few phases.”

Plans showing the traffic management arrangements for these stages of the work which will be in place between 10th August and 12th October are available via the Website.

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