St Mary’s roundabout: Residents deserve answers now, says cllr

Cllr Garratt said that residents have questions now about the St Mary’s Roundabout transformation and they deserve answers.

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Cllr Andrew Garratt, the Isle of Wight councillor for Parkhurst has for some time been trying to ensure residents are fully informed prior to the major transformation of the St Mary’s roundabout.

The Isle of Wight council earlier today issued a press release, stating that it would be rolling out its communications strategy in due course – it’s looking like late August.

Asking for early engagement since February
Cllr Garratt had raised the issue of early engagement in a question to the Cabinet in February.

He’s also raised it with officers ever since and this week at two briefings.

Garratt: Residents deserve answers now
He got in touch with OnTheWight to say,

“Residents have questions now, and they deserve answers. Those don’t depend on every ‘i’ being dotted and ‘t’ crossed.

“Waiting until late August means barely four weeks at the most before the works start – not much turnaround time to get answers back to residents and have proper discussions.”

Garratt: Bring comms plan forward
He went on to say,

“This is why I am calling on the council to bring their communication plans forward and make the most of the extra weeks over the summer. Ideally there should be public exhibitions around the area showing the plans and the likely phasing of works so that residents can start to work out what alterations to their journeys they may need to make and when.”

A massive scheme with people worried about massive disruption
Cllr Garratt finished by saying,

“This isn’t some minor local road scheme, requiring a leaflet drop and a couple of ‘A-board’ signs. This is a massive scheme with people worried about massive disruption.

It’s likely that there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t pass through St Mary’s at some point each month, whether that’s to go shopping, go to college, visit the hospital, head to or from the ferries, or cross from one side of the Island to the other.”

Image: Stew Dean under CC BY 2.0

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For Cowes residents, and those wishing to travel to Cowes or through to the mainland, there won’t be a realistic road diversion during these works as far as I’m aware. It is going to be hell on earth and I haven’t spoken to anybody who feels that these changes need to be made!

I would like to see the continguency plans for alternative routes while the work is underway. I cannot imagine for one minute that Gunville Road, Priory Road, Carisbrooke High Street, Newport High Street will cope. All the traffic being pushed on to minor roads. And, yes, of course I undertand that you cannot have improvements without some disruption ……………… but I have yet to see how this… Read more »
Alternative Perspective

Has this been carefully thought through by our Conservative led IW Council?

If this project will take 15months to complete, and it hasn’t even started yet, then the disruption will take us right up to the 2021 local Council Elections, hardly a vote winner.

There are lights outside the prison today, a Sunday. Queuing back up to Northwood and back to the dual carriageway, so Ward thinks that 15 months of this is a price worth paying to improve traffic flow. Traffic flows pretty well now, so what is the real reason for putting us through 15 months of misery trying to get to work, school, shopping etc. Will he be… Read more »

I completely fail to see how the introduction of trafic lights can, in anyway, be a positive in the access of emergency, blue light, ambulances to or from the Islands only A&E department and sincerely regret that it will probably take a prosecution, after a delay in emergency treatment, for the absolute folly of this to be obliged to be admitted.


Mariner, I hear you but I will say There will be trouble way before then, that’s for sure!
Anyone for a peoples vote sorry I meant a revolt?


Why not leave this roundabout alone and build the bridge across the river at Dodnor. This will take traffic from West Wight and Cowes straight onto the East Cowes and Ryde road and also help traffic going to Sandown etc. It will certainly ease the traffic on Coppins Bridge.

Alternative Perspective

Toby, how dare you suggest something sensible!! This is the Isle of Wight don’t you know.

Paul Cheverton
The media release and contingency plan will probably fall to Island Roads, based on past experience god help the Island. This will have an effect on just about every resident on the Island and every business, school etc. Early release of the plans will allow people to plan and alterations to be made. IR have a track record of poor communication, really poor. Remember the grid lock… Read more »
For many years everything has been built + centred around Newport. The introduction of the ‘Red Carpet’ for buses + taxis completely fouled up the flow of traffic from any direction into or around the town centre. There is actually no problem with St Marys roundabout at present. It is Coppins Bridge + the town centre where the problem lies. For many of us, there is no… Read more »