15 months of roadworks to transform St Mary’s roundabout

The Cabinet member responsible for roads says that delays during the 15 months of roadworks are inevitable.

St Marys Junction Signalised

The Isle of Wight Council share this latest news. Ed

The Isle of Wight Council is close to finalising a major scheme to reduce traffic congestion and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists at one of the Island’s busiest junctions. 

Construction of the scheme will transform the approaches to — and access across — St Mary’s roundabout in Newport. 

Designed to reduce congestion
The scheme is designed to reduce congestion now as well as ‘future-proofing’ the junction given expected growth in traffic movement and the possibility of developing land nearby for new homes and economic regeneration projects. 

The plans
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The project is the largest of a package of schemes to improve traffic flows through Newport which have been financed largely by a government grant of over £9 million, supplemented with developer contributions. 

Roundabout replaced with lights
The works will involve replacing the roundabout with two linked traffic light-controlled junctions. 

There will also be enhanced features to improve bus journey reliability and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. 

While the design has been independently assessed by Hampshire County Council as the best possible approach to the improvement of the junction, the programming of the works has yet to be finalised. 

Integrated with utility works
The council is working to integrate the scheme with planned statutory utility works in the area to minimise disruption which could mean a start date at the end of September. 

Once the scheme has been formally commissioned with Island Roads, full details including the start date will be confirmed by the council. 

15 months of delays
Such is the scale of the project, the council is advising motorists to expect delays during construction which is likely to take 15 months. 

Work will take place during the day and — at times — at night when it is sensible to do so. 

Ward: Some disruption to travel is inevitable
Councillor Ian Ward, the council’s Cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said:

“It is important to be clear from the outset that a scheme of this nature, although bringing long-term benefits, is of such a scope and scale that some disruption to travel is inevitable. 

“I think this project demonstrates the ability of the council to attract new government money to support schemes that will benefit the whole Island. I am particularly pleased the work will also bring about enhanced features not just for cars but for pedestrians and cyclists also.” 

Temporary traffic lights
During the work there will be various temporary traffic arrangements in place which will enable it to be undertaken as quickly and safely as possible. Traffic lanes will be reduced temporarily, and contraflows introduced as well as short-term speed reductions. 

To assist access to the Riverway and Dodnor trading estates, parking will be suspended in both Manners View and Riverway. 

More detail soon
A comprehensive communication strategy has been prepared giving further details of the scheme and the likely impact of the works; it will be launched as soon as the works programme is finalised and covers each stage of the construction process. 

Separate discussions have already been held with St Mary’s Hospital and the emergency services to ensure all blue light responders are not unduly compromised by the works, as well as the Isle of Wight College and B&Q. 

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This is the most uneccessary road scheme ever conceived in recent years. The island works fine, there are no problems with the island; what there are problems with is the lane marking down the dual carriageway to Coppins bridge. By signing over 95% of traffic to use the left hand lane from St. Mary’s roundabout, there are the inevitable queues at peak times. This could be vastly… Read more »

Where I live on the mainland, we had 4 sets of traffic lights in the town centre, also with a dual carriageway, and it was constant gridlock. Last year they replaced the traffic lights with 4 roundabouts (also funded by Government), and now we have no gridlock and free-flowing traffic. This scheme for Newport is madness and a complete waste of money.



St Mary’s roundabout works because it has NO traffic lights.

Of course, the Cabinet Member responsible for this crazy idea lives in………… Sandown!



This scheme, to spend the money seems crazy.

Obviously it will chaotic during the roadworks.
And this is to be expected.
How will the ambulances and other emergency services manage?
I can see it having a serious impact on the businesses on the industrial estates.

Why has this scheme been passed when so many people voiced their concerns?

Benny C
The only bypass this island needs is one which diverts inept Councilllors from making important decisions. This project bears the hallmarks of overspend and significant timing miscalculation all over it, because our dipsy Councillors won’t know what they’re looking at so they can’t judge whether what they are approving is worth the paper it’s printed on ( floating bridge, I rest my case). This is OUR money,… Read more »
Many years I lived in Newport town centre by the Morrisons traffic lights. When the lights were not working the traffic just flowed through slowly and unhindered. Witnessed this on numerous occassions. It was lovely because it didn’t shake the house to bits having buses and lorries stopped at the lights. I have never been able to understand why the island is littered with so many traffic… Read more »
I’ve driven to Milton Keynes many times over the years. It is famous for the number of roundabouts and traffic flows! According to Destination Milton Keynes : “There are 124 roundabouts in total, the most in any UK town. But they were only supposed to be temporary. In the original city plan, the roundabouts were built at intersections before traffic lights were due to come in. However,… Read more »

If I remember correctly, traffic for Sandown etc. used to use the right hand lane from St Mary’s instead of the left hand lane as now, and the traffic seemed to flow better.

HS5 roundabout – This structure will cost lives. The only problem with the current roundabout is the amount of bushes in the middle, which obscure traffic coming round it. The real reason to build this is to force more traffic through the town; This is a long term policy, witnessed by restrictions to Betty Haunt Lane, Forest Road (albany chicane), Highwood Lane, Whitcombe Road, Whitepit Lane. Many… Read more »

Latest Scuttlebutt says this is to enable the No1 bus to get out of Hunnyhill and on to Cowes, that is a real problem to people going for the Ferry..
This could be enabled by allowing the bus into the Forest road lane and then have a radio control traffic light to cross to the Cowes bound slip road.
Oxford uses rising bollards to allow buses to shortcuts.

Steve Goodman
What the councillor didn’t say: ‘It is surely more important to be clear from the outset that because Parliament declared our climate and environmental emergency, a justifiably unpopular unwelcome scheme of this nature is of such a scope and scale that fifteen months or more disruption to road travel is insane and highly unlikely to bring the sort of long-term benefits proven to result from spending the… Read more »
Having used this roundabout for many years now, it is clear how well this roundabout works (especially when compared to neighbouring Coppins Bridge where we all have to endure mindless waiting as traffic lights slow down every potential for the roundabout to do what it is meant to do). If drivers don’t know what to do at a roundabout we should be wondering what they are doing… Read more »
This reminds me of the floating bridge fiasco, where our know it all councillors completely ignored public opinion and professional advice and wasted (and are still wasting) our money on what can only be judged as a crackpot scheme…Why? Is it vanity or something more sinister? Without making any accusations I would dearly like to have forensic accountants take a look at our councillors pension plans (just… Read more »

I am amazed. I didn’t realise we had so many qualified Traffic Engineers or Civil Engineers on the island. All of them commenting here.

Are everyday users NOT qualified to express concerns regarding 15 months of disruption, and potential financial loss, to so many residents and businesses?, (as already experienced at the Cowes Medina crossing). Would any ‘qualified’ traffic or civil engineers like to list the future potential benefits of this scheme? Perhaps it may result in large improvements? What would they be? However, ANY vehicle user will surely know, that… Read more »