StoneCrabs Theatre present ‘Tieta, The Trial’ at Quay Arts

Featuring live music, storytelling and dance, ‘Tieta the Trial’ takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster where fact and fiction become intertwined. Shown as part of Isle of Wight Pride, this is the second of StoneCrabs Theatre plays showing in June.

tieta the trial

As mentioned last week, International Theatre will be returning to the Isle of Wight in a preview to a national tour as StoneCrabs and talented Brazilian Theatre Director, Franko Figueiredo bring two thought-provoking plays to Quay Arts in June.

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Presented as part of IW Pride
StoneCrabs will be staging two arresting and subversive plays this year that could not have more contemporary relevance.

The programme is being presented as part of Isle of Wight Pride Festival and sponsored by Aspect Plus.

The first show takes place on Thursday 14th June, is Arthur Miller’s ‘Some Kind of Love Story’.

The second to show, on Wednesday 20th June, is the Brazilian inspired story, ‘Tieta, The Trial’:

This is a dark, comic LGBTQ play, adapted from the Brazilian novel ‘Tieta do Agreste’ by Nobel Prize nominee Jorge Amado.

Featuring live music, storytelling and dance, Tieta takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster where fact and fiction become intertwined. Twenty-six years after being forced to leave his rural town, Antonio returns as Tieta, a trans woman and millionaire.

Tieta promises to transform the town’s fortunes, but there is a condition attached to her charity: her quest for justice.

Is Tieta’s call for justice, also an attempt at revenge?

‘Tieta, The Trial’ highlights issues that are still as current and problematic today, ranging from poverty, wealth and greed to social exclusion and equality.

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‘Tieta, The Trial’ plays at Quay Arts, Newport on Wednesday, 20th June (7.30pm).

Tickets are expected to sell quickly, they are available online or you can call the Quay Arts Box Office on 01983 822490

You can follow StoneCrabs Theatre on Facebook @StoneCrabsTheatre or Twitter @StoneCrabsTC.

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