Support Isle of Wight producers on Back British Farming Day, says MP

By sourcing food locally, you will be supporting the local economy and embracing seasonal food, keeping food miles down and helping our farmers to manage the Island’s rural environment, says IW Chair of NFU

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Today is Back British Farming Day and Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, is encouraging us all to take part.

Mr Seely said there are simple things we can do to support the Back British Farming campaign – coordinated by the NFU – such as buying British produce and enjoying the countryside responsibly.

Seely: Farmers play a crucial role in feeding the nation
Mr Seely, who has recently visited Briddlesford Farm and Farmer Jack’s farm shop to learn more about Island produce, said:

“Our farmers play a crucial role in feeding the nation and caring for the countryside and we should not take it for granted that they will always be there. It’s a case of looking after the things you love.

“Our economy is under pressure at the moment following the effects of the coronavirus outbreak and we must all turn our attention to what we can do to help.

“In the case of farmers and local food producers the solution is relatively simple – buy local wherever you can.

“On the Island we have some incredibly high-quality fresh produce right on our doorsteps and we should take full advantage of that. You cannot beat locally grown and produced fresh food. It’s good for us, good for the environment and good for our economy.”

Legge: Embracing seasonal food
Isle of Wight NFU Chair, Matt Legge, said:

“The Back British farming campaign is all about looking at what’s available on your own doorstep.

“By sourcing our food locally, not only are we supporting the local economy but we’re also embracing seasonal food, keeping food miles down and helping our farmers to manage the Islands rural environment.”

Andrew Hodgson of Cheverton Farm in Shorwell, said:

“Buying food from local farms has never been so easy as many of us are now delivering fresh food direct to your door.”

More information about Isle of Wight food and drink producers can be found on the Website.

Image: © Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Wednesday, 9th September, 2020 8:46am



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Seely trying to gaslight Islanders into thinking he supports British farming when only a few short weeks ago he voted AGAINST protecting them from being undercut by sub-standard food imports in any future trade deals (and then voting against having a say in those trade deals).

Who does he think he’s kidding?


Bob, how is the island deal money you promised coming along? It’s 9 months now since the general election.


Perfect hypocrisy. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops, or displayed on a large blue bus.

More gaslighting and doublespeak: I received this (below) today. ‘For the first time in 40 years, we will be free to decide who can access our waters to fish’ — so that’s the come-hither for supertrawlers, then. The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Ban super trawlers from fishing in UK waters.” Government responded: The Government has no immediate plans to ban super trawlers… Read more »
Eagle eye

If the West Acre development goes through after this statement then Bob Seely is toast at the next election.


Is that toast with or without a bbq sausage?

I wonder if Bob has worked out that with many of his key supporters dying in care homes his voter base on the island is dwindling. The Tories should have perhaps thought about that before they scraficed the elderly, but then again I guess Dom will have calculated many of them wouldn’t be alive anyway come the next general election, so infecting the Care Homes doesn’t really… Read more »

Farmer Jack’s at Arreton – isn’t this farm shop owned by the greedy landowner who leased their fields to UK Oil and Gas to drill for oil?


I support the Back British Farming campaign, but want to buy produce from ethical local sources. How about Living Larder’s veg and fruit box deliveries – see their website