The Olympic Torch Reaches Totland (photos)

Some shots from Totland, where we’ve just see the Torch go through. Off to Yarmouth next for us.

The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay is in full swing on the Isle of Wight, arriving at Yarmouth via Wightlink ferries and heading straight off to Totland and then onto the Needles Park.

We managed to catch some of the action as the Torch went through Totland.

You can watch the Olympic Torch Relay via the BBC.

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Saturday, 14th July, 2012 1:55pm



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  1. It was a great site seeing it being escorted into Yarmouth Harbour by the Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat with it’s fire hoses going.

  2. Not at all impressed with BBC South coverage. Brief shot of Wightlink ferry leaving Lymington without mentioning its IW destination, a few seconds of Ellen McCarthy carrying the torch and the chairlift at Alum Bay. Rest of report concentrated on Southampton and that the torch is on its way to the Channel Islands. Bet they get far more coverage!

    • Washer Woman

      15.Jul.2012 8:22am

      Yes it was very scant coverage. I have noticed that if something happens on the Island on a Saturday or Sunday BBC South really can’t be bothered with it. However I am pleased the torch came through on a Saturday because it made it much easier to take my 8 year old daughter. There was a fantastic buzz in Newport which I don’t think we will ever forget.

    • mark francis

      15.Jul.2012 11:07am

      What’s new? Neither channel can ever be bothered to get a camera team over the Solent and we have interminable drivel about roadworks in Fareham or similar tosh.

    • Wight Cynic

      15.Jul.2012 6:37pm

      Ah, I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought that. They had an entire edition of BBC South Today broadcast from Reading’s Madejski Stadium last week, when the torch visited there, but I think that was because presenter Sally Taylor is from Reading. Other venues hardly got a look-in. It’ll be interesting to watch tomorrow’s edition to see what coverage they give to this weekend’s events.

      Anyway, let’s hope the Olympics are a success, this appalling run of weather eventually takes a turn for the better and Britain is shown in a good light.

  3. Not wishing to put a damper (no pun intended re the current weather) on all this, but I can’t imagine why the Olympic Committee even contemplated Britain as a venue for the Olympics.

    For modern spectaculars like the Olympics or World Cup, these are viewed by the entire planet. The organisers need guaranteed weather, not the “is it going to pour down today or will we escape it” scenario we have in Britain.

    In the 1960’s people jetted off to Spain or Greece because they were brassed off with spending hundreds of pounds on a two week soaking in Blackpool,Morcambe or dare I say, Isle of Wight. They went south for a guaranteed tan.

    So for the Olympic Committee to choose Britain, knowing full-well what our weather is like is a mystery to me. Hopefully the weather will be kind for the Olympics, but if we get any more of what has come down this past week, Britain can forget any more Olympics or World Cups.

  4. the weather adds a new dimension to the event a true champ will overcome all hardships and problems

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