The Sandown Sprint plans to bring car road racing to Isle of Wight

Sandown Sprint organisers are one step closer to bringing official car racing to the streets of Sandown.

The Sandown Sprint is a name you are likely to be hearing a lot more of.

The Isle of Wight Car Club have been working hard for long hours to prepare a racing circuit along the roads in Sandown, making it a landmark event.

Great news today
Great news today is that Motorsport UK, the official body that oversees this in the UK, has approved the Sandown Sprint track in principle, following their recent site inspections.

It’s not all done and dusted yet, with the Motor Race Order, formal Track Licence Application and Permit Applications yet to come.

The proposed date of the event is set as 28th and 29th March 2020 with 120 competitors being able to take part.

The race course
The gist of it is the start will be near the Bandstand. Then proceed east; along through a chicane; turn left at Dinosaur Isle; up that short road; around the roundabout, back out and turn left onto the main road and flying finish near the Grand.

The main paddock will be in Yaverland car park with a holding paddock at Fort Street.

Thanks to Thomas Cowley for the heads up.

Tuesday, 20th August, 2019 5:12pm



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Great idea. Would be good to see an event like this. Sandown could do with something to bring people in. Plenty of visibility along the course. Maybe some of those poo pooing the idea could go into the museum where they may be suited!

Authur Sausage

No need really it’s a 24/7 event already!

Absolutely brilliant that this event is off the ground and hopefully will be the start of some other closed road motorsport events on the Island. Freshwater Bay to Brook ? bring it on – I will be entering without doubt – the chance to do an event like this without the cost of travelling to the mainland, hotels, fuel etc is a gift – very well done… Read more »
What a wonderful way to project the IoW as a place for families to enjoy an early spring break away from the polluted, congested and noisy cities where boy racers are mowing down cyclists and pedestrians every day. Good to see the IoW Car Club wants a slice of this action as well as wanting to make a valued contribution to environmental harm, all in the name… Read more »

Enviromental harm ? you are a moron

I presume Reciprocity already minimises their own environmental impact and certainly doesn’t own a fossil fuel burning car of their own. Of course, the environmental impact of motorsport is infinitesimal next to the impact of motor cars used for commuting. As someone that partakes in motorsport but actively tries to reduce their environmental impact by doing things like making their house as efficient as possible, using green… Read more »

Reciprocity, How do you think they get here and get around while here,[part of comment removed by moderator]

Sally Perry

A reminder of the house rules – that name-calling is not permitted

Benny C
You can’t beat the 20th century aroma of smoky exhausts and unburnt petrol, the youthful appeal of burning rubber and the forceful song of highly tuned old engines for everyone to enjoy for miles around. Thanks to the location, the carbon monoxide will probably blow out to sea given a decent northeasterly wind on the day. Well worth a little local disruption to the residents no doubt,… Read more »
WOW..sarcastic much? As soon as something other than a ‘green’ sport is suggested out come the doom sayers! We CANNOT all enjoy the same pastimes, I am happy for the hundreds of cyclists who race around our roads causing disruption to traffic… I am ALSO happy that a car event (that will please many others) that will not cause constant disruption is ALSO being staged here! It… Read more »
Benny C

More likely a modified second hand car racing club v thousands of residents. Surely designated race tracks are where these things belong. Safer, no disruption, better racing conditions.


I’m trying to understand what value “modified second hand” adds to your description of a car club.

Aren’t all race cars modified? I’m not sure the club is exclusively for second hand cars though :)


Great idea, I assume the local council will sensibly assess likely wear and tear to the road surface and/or collateral damage, with the sprint organisers accepting full responsibility for all costs.


Madness. Lots of people walk along Culver Parade and it is widely used for car parking. Access to Dinosaur isle would be difficult and their takings would be reduced.


What in March?
It’s never that busy then!
Bring it on!
Diversity is key!


Totally agree. Let’s have more events out of the main season to improve visitor numbers. So what if a few people get moved off their normal routines for a day or two.