‘Proper’ Festival planned with the help of rapid Covid testing

The plans are now in place to carry out rapid testing at the entrance to the Toogether event to create a safe, proper festival

roni size and ltk bukem

Organisers of the Toogether Festival have announced they are planning to go ahead with festival plans for this summer, with the introduction of a rapid Covid test station.

The three-day festival will take place at Sandown Airport, between 30th July to 1st August 2021.

The line-up still includes those who were booked to perform in 2020 (postponed due to Covid-19), including the legendary 808 State (live band), LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Kosheen (live band) and Stanton Warriors who will all be joining the Toogether party this summer.

Covid test station
Organisers say,

“For the last couple of months we have been working with the main Covid test station providers on the Island and we now have all the risk assessments and method statements in place to provide you with a rapid test station in the events car park.

“We believe around 90 per cent of the adult population will be vaccinated by then, lowering the risk.”

How it will work
Ticket-holders will have to arrive at the event by car, where they will be tested either in vehicles or in the test centre. Once tested there is a 15-minute wait for the result.

Only a negative test result will allow you access to the festival. Once you have your certificate of a negative test you will be able to get your wristband from the ticket office. The test will be valid for the entire weekend, whether camping or not.

Organisers say,

“Our plan will make the whole event a Covid free zone and a safe environment for you all. If you happen to get a positive test result you will be refunded your full ticket fee.

“I hope you are with us on this, as it’s the only way we can create a safe, proper, festival for you all.”

Find out more by following the Toogether 2021 Facebook page or visit the Website.

Thursday, 11th February, 2021 5:51pm


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Now is this people orientated or money generated? Personally after the last year I would be happy just to see my family members and have an actual hug and be very thankful we are all alive. Is the joy of a 3 day music festival a higher need than socialising with loved ones? Sandown is and has been one of the worse areas throughout the pandemic on… Read more »

I presume the thousands that come over from the mainland will be tested and proved negative before they leave the mainland

No good shutting the gate once the horse has bolted, has this really been given serious thought and suitable facilities and resources to process Covid (whatever number or variant we could be at by then) testing? It is not just the ferry ports that will need increase in infrastructure security etc but also every yacht mooring port – it is surprising how many mainlanders popped over just… Read more »

And no news about the June IOW Festival yet? I suggest Giddings and his companies do the correct thing and announce a postponement. The comments here by snowwolf1 sum the festival scene up nicely.

So “everyone will have to arrive by car and be tested either in their car or a test centre”. So where are all these cars queuing whilst being tested and waiting up to 30 minutes? I can envisage a queue of cars out onto the main road with gridlock all round. Having a large number of people all in close proximity with, no doubt, copious amounts of… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Can the Council refuse to give music licenses or is it too late for that