Town Council helps to make sure residents don’t go hungry

East Cowes Town Council share details of how they have helped those in their community through the pandemic

Crate of fresh vegetables

When Covid-19 hit and the first lockdown was put in place by the Government, East Cowes Town Council decided that they needed to find a way to help those in the community who were going to face hardship.

They were also concerned that donations to the charities, that support those in need, were clearly decreasing badly through the pandemic.

The shopping basket project
Councillors decided that they needed to step up and make some funding available, to ensure that there would be adequate support for families and individuals, who needed help to put food on the table during this dreadful period.

Working in partnership with Waitrose, they donated funding to the shopping basket project, which provided a basket of essential groceries to anyone who needed them.

Foodbank donations
Donations have also been made to the Isle of Wight Foodbank, ensuring that there is sufficient funding available to buy supplies for distribution to those in need.

Support for Air Ambulance
The latest donation was made to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, who work tirelessly to move patients to and from the mainland, all the more important with the challenges the local hospital is facing, and whose donations have been badly affected during these challenging times.

The Mayor, Cllr Jane Rann, said

“As elected representatives of the East Cowes community, the Council felt that they needed to ensure, as far as possible, that no one in East Cowes would go hungry; and that we supported the air ambulance, who play such a vital role in the health of Island residents and support of our local hospital.”

News shared by Sue on behalf of East Cowes Town Council. Ed

Friday, 4th December, 2020 9:40am



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Rhos yr Alarch

Excellent – and good to see exotic veg is included…

Angela Hewitt

Rhos yr Alarch, I think that is an archive image, unless you were being sarcastic.

Rhos yr Alarch

I’m sorry, but In just don’t understand the value of using a photo that’s not one of the actual boxes? Surely we can imagine what a veg box looks like if there an aren’t any photos available of the actual ones…


Are you paying for this service ?
Which enable us all to exchange opinions free ?
Are the photos not what you might wish to see ?
Maybe be thankful ?

Sally Perry

I have actually now lost count of the number of times I’ve had to point out to you that images accompanying articles are generally just for illustrative purposes. All our articles require an image, and as we weren’t provided with any photos for this release I used a stock image.