TV, radio and mobile phone signal missing in Ventnor (updated)

Residents are reporting a loss in TV and radio signal in Ventnor this morning.

Residents in the South Wight are experiencing problems receiving TV, radio and mobile phone signals this morning.

OnTheWight reader Christine Green got in touch to find out what was causing the problem after her TV and radio signal dropped at 7.01am.

We’ve been in touch with the BBC press office to find out more and they’re looking into it, but it sounds as though there’s a problem with the transmitter.

We’re not sure how wide-spread the problem is across the South Wight, so if you’re receiving TV and radio with no problem, do leave a comment below to let us know.

Luckily for residents, there’s plenty going on in town with the Ventnor Fringe Festival and Isle of Wight Film Festival to keep us entertained.

A spokesperson from the BBC press office told us,

“Mains power failure at the Ventnor transmitter has led to the loss of reception for 5000 homes in the area. Work is currently taking place to rectify the problem.”

Image: Jikatu under CC BY 2.0

Saturday, 17th August, 2013 1:07pm



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  1. Overslept as no sound from the radio on our alarm clock and no TV either. Have got back onto the island after day off it to find TV signal restored but still no FM radio signal. Anyone else still got problems????

  2. I could get a mobile call or text through from Ventnor last night, although the phone was reporting a normal signal. Strange.

  3. “couldn’t get” – oops.

  4. There is a very good reason for the loss of signal,there is none,this has come about because GCHQ have found they are being overwhelmed by the vast amount of signals,from tv,radio,mobile phone plus all the broadband signals transmitted and they just can’t digest it all. So what is their answer,to turn off certain transmitters through out the country,think the number is about 3000 in total to make things more digestible to their staff.

  5. I do like the picture of the old car radio,used to have one of those in my old Ford consul,wow what a car and radio.

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