Two town centre car parks to be resurfaced and combined into one

The scheme will be carried out over six nights to ensure daytime parking is retained at this important town centre location

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Work is due to start next week on a series of improvements to car parking facilities in the heart of Newport.

Short stay car parks in New Street and Chapel Street will be resurfaced and re-lined to create a total of 212 parking bays — a net increase of six spaces — as part of the Isle of Wight Council scheme.

Over six nights
The council’s contractor, Island Roads, is due to start work on 10th December, although this will be subject to weather conditions.

The scheme will be carried out over six nights to ensure daytime parking is retained at this important town centre location.

Combined car park
Railings, which once separated the two car parks, have already been removed to create a larger, combined car park with a simplified layout which is both clearer and easier for motorists to follow.

The scheme also involves permanently closing off access from Chapel Street in response to complaints the entrance is difficult to negotiate.

New Street access
Following the completion of the works, motorists will enter and leave the car park via New Street only. Two on-street parking spaces will be removed to improve visibility at this access point.

The work is part of a programme of car park resurfacing that is continuing to take place across the Island.

News shared by Isle of Wight council. Ed

Image: Jeremy Segrott under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 6th December, 2019 2:29pm



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7 Comments on "Two town centre car parks to be resurfaced and combined into one"

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Geoff Brodie
Fantastic news (not) for all those residents still waiting for their street to be re-surfaced by Island Rogues. And this after they recently resurfaced Coppins Bridge car park (used mainly by Council staff) despite it being surrounded by streets desperately in need of resurfacing. Cllr Ward, the Tory Council and the PFI Contract Management Team at County Hall – sorry at Island Rogues’ plush offices – should… Read more »

‘Island Rogues’. I see what you did there Cllr Brodie – twice in fact lest we didn’t pick up on your excoriating wit the first time. Very funny. No really, very clever. I’m still tittering away.
Not at all puerile.

Benny C
He’s got a point, though, I heard a very credible account about a worrying admission from a manager at IR saying that the level of Councillor intervention has been very disruptive and has led to reprioritisation of the job list. That really should be looked at. So many islanders have concerns about the way this contract has been supervised under Ian Wards watch. The Council seem to… Read more »
A couple of years ago Island Roads re-surfaced “Old Blackgang Road” – why I really don’t know, as all it leads to is a small, badly pot-holed, car park (and that is only just the end of the road widened out). Did they re-surface the car park while they had the men, machinery and materials there? Did they hell! That to me really shows the state of… Read more »
Benny C

Whose ward is this in! Dinosaur Dave Stewart. Funny that.


So, the only way out will be via New Street, which is one way. Crazy. totally crazy. How much traffic will this add to Carisbrooke Road?


Great news. This desperately needs resurfacing. Makes so much sense for it to be one car park too.