Up to £10,000 project grants on offer to boost sustainable transport

The application process for bids of up to £10,000 for creative and ground-breaking ideas to get people actively involved in “clean, green and healthy travel”.


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Island groups are being invited to bid for grants of up to £10,000 for projects to boost ‘sustainable transport’.

They are being asked to come up with creative and ground-breaking ideas to get people actively involved in “clean, green and healthy travel”.

The funding is from the Isle of Wight Council as part of its Sustainable Transport Access Fund from the government.

Projects to put the Island on the sustainable travel map
Cllr Ian Ward, Cabinet member for public transport, said,

“This is a brilliant scheme, and I would strongly encourage community groups, charities, businesses and other organisations to get involved.

“We are looking for innovative projects that will really put the Island on the map as a top location for sustainable travel.”

How to apply
Last year grants went towards schemes including engaging the use of electric bikes and to promote therapeutic walking.

Applications this year must be sent in by 17 June. An online form is and further details can be found on the iWight Website.


  • Bids must unlock potential to increase active and sustainable transports on the Island.
  • The Sustainable Transport Innovation Grant forms part of a wider programme of transport interventions being delivered by the Isle of Wight Council over the next two years, using £1.35 million funding won competitively from the Department of Transport (DfT).
  • The funding builds upon previous DfT investment on the Island.

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Tuesday, 8th May, 2018 2:40pm


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Email updates?
“creative and ground breaking” Words you wouldn’t really associate with IWC. My suggestion would be to buy some trailers for bikes so that people can cycle to the tip to dump their rubbish. What better way is there to get fit while you tip. We could have a cycle lane at Lynbottom so that cyclists got priority. No need for the expansion of the spin room at… Read more »

Colin read the article!
They are looking for creative and groundbreaking applications for funding!
I gather you won’t be applying then Colin?


When is money going to be set aside to provide a shelter and seat at every bus stop on the island? Aren’t those who run the Isle of Wight even just a little ashamed when, as they are driving past in their cars, they pass the elderly, visually impaired, young mums with pushchairs and the frankly poor standing at bus stops in the rain?


Surely the bus company is the one that should provide bus shelters? why should taxpayers have to foot the bill, no-one paid for my waterproofs so I could cycle in inclement weather, nor would I expect them to!

Buses are public transport, your waterproofs are your personal property and, unless you generously share them with thousands of people, you are the only one who gets any use out of them. Their are thousands of bus journeys each week on this island. Bus shelters are usually provided by councils and not bus companies, which is why I said ” those who run the Isle of Wight”.… Read more »
Yes the waterproofs are mine and I had to buy them because the buses are over priced and no good for us that work hours that don’t fit the 9-5 working day, I’m not the only that benefits from them though, I’m reducing my exhaust emissions by 100% by cycling! Thousands of needless bus journeys each week on the island. Our council shouldn’t foot the bill for… Read more »
“Thousands of needless bus journeys each week on the island.” Could you provide some evidence of that assertion please? I’m sorry that you have such a sour and mean spirited outlook on life and I find it odd that you chose the name “greater good” when it’s so at odds with your attitude. There are miles of cycle paths that were created from the old railway lines… Read more »
Chris, firstly thanks for the name calling and character assassination very grown up and civilised of you, my username is no reflection of my mood or attitude either! Much like your username chrisinthemorning but you comment in the evening! You don’t drive but I do occasionally so I contribute towards the roads upkeep through my vehicle tax (yes I own a motor vehicle too!) You clearly know… Read more »
G/good If a private company like Red Funnel creates a cycle hub then my point is that we all pay for it in the price of our ticket. It’s the same with “free” parking at supermarkets or out of town stores. The cycle paths are paid for by everyone who pays taxes but I’m happy that the facilies are there and would like to see more safe… Read more »