Utterly beautiful drone-shot film of Isle of Wight coastline raises the bar

The bar for production of aerial drone video has just been raised by the very talented folks over at The Progress Film Company, who have created a glorious cinematic masterpiece, shot along the south coast of the Isle of Wight.

lost but not forgotten - screeb grab land and sea

A couple of weeks ago we shared some Isle of Wight aerial drone footage, beautifully filmed and lovingly edited by Khurum Khan.

We’re big fans of aerial drone photography and were really impressed with the quality of Khurum’s work.

Raising the bar
However, the bar for production of aerial drone video has just been raised somewhat by the folks over at The Progress Film Company.

They’ve shared their latest masterpiece with OnTheWight and boy, is it impressive.

The Progress Film Company
Lost But Not Forgotten is a series of short films produced by The Progress Film Company that “shine light on a host of unique and compelling stories sharing the common themes of memory, time and loss”.

The Isle of Wight episode (see below) was created by the very talented Matthew Green, who grew up on the Island.

A poetic snapshot of the coastline
Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘Nothing Will Die’ was chosen as the soundtrack to the four minute film and highlights “the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth along the coast”.

Matt said,

“Having grown up on the Island, I saw firsthand the devastating effects of coastal erosion and realised that one day there may be nothing left of the island.

“While the structures have been lost, the memories of these places live on and I wanted to create a snapshot of the coastline as it exists today, before the sea claims another chunk of land.

“We traveled to the Isle of Wight, shooting along the picturesque Military Road that stretches along the South West of the Island.

“From Blackgang to Freshwater Bay, we documented ruined holiday parks, collapsed roads and long abandoned towns.”

A cinematic experience
Episode One is just four minutes long and we absolutely loved it.

Turn on your speakers (otherwise you miss Tennyson’s poetry), click on the HD and full screen icons and enjoy this wonderful piece of work.

The film was directed by Matt Green, who with Stuart Hackshaw, also took care of the drone cinematography. Joe Eggleston was in charge of production.

Visit the Lost But Not Forgotten Website for more detail and to see other episodes in the series.

Image: © Lost But Not Forgotten

Sunday, 5th February, 2017 8:29pm


ShortURL: http://wig.ht/2eYy

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8 Comments on "Utterly beautiful drone-shot film of Isle of Wight coastline raises the bar"

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Pete Johnstone

A powerful video, well done


Got the sound but no picture


Same here, Brian…


Sussed it by opening in small screen then going to full screen, but found it very depressing…

Janet Scott

I agree Polly. I tnink it was beautifully shot and the dialogue suited this. But was quite depressing.


I got both sound & film


Yes, beautifully made. Pity it dwelt on the decay aspect so much with nothing to indicate the rebirth which always eventually happens. The erosion will stop once the sea reaches the chalk, but that won’t be in our lifetimes.Thought the music level a bit too high, it made the poetry difficult to hear in places.

shy susie

It made me feel sad. also the music drowned out the words somewhat.