Vectis Party officially launch with YouTube video in light of Lockdown

Not able to have a traditional press launch due to Lockdown, the Vectis Party have released this video instead

Photos of four people from the Vectis Party from their launch video

With the Isle of Wight council elections just four months away (if they go ahead in May) the Vectis Party have today (Wednesday) released a launch video.

The ten-minute video features former IW councillor Daryll Pitcher, current IW councillor Graham Perks, as well as Julian Harris and Barry Hailstone.

Daryll told News OnTheWight,

“As you will understand trying to do an official party launch during a national lockdown is not the easiest of things. What we have done is create a video which we hope replicates to some extent what would normally happen at a press conference.

“To add to our problems the full lockdown came into effect before all the videos had been gathered in and so some are unfortunately just audio files overlaid with photographs. Given the circumstances it was the best we could manage!”

For updates from the The Vectis Party you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or via their Website (which is due to go live in the next 24 hours).

Wednesday, 6th January, 2021 5:08pm



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Steve Goodman

If (former(?) phony lord) Perks genuinely wants to help, he could perhaps start by repaying the £35,000 plus, plus interest, from his profitable period at Ventnor Winter Gardens, which he and his associates decided he didn’t have to hand over after all…

Steve Goodman

I’m also reminded of the long record of comments about how little he seems to have done to justify taking all the money paid to him during his several years as a quiet councillor…


I was bitterly disappointed that he wasn’t wearing a top hat.


Also missed an opportunity in not calling themselves the Vectis Independent Party, then his grace could have used the moniker Lord Perks VIP.

Benny C

Pale , male and stale. Just looking at the photo is enough. It’s like the 1970’s all over again. Will they do ok? Hard to say. But I rest my case about the Councillor gene pool. No wonder local politics is in a mess if folk think this is what good looks like.


Is this truly the best the island can do?

God help us!


It’s UKIP under another name.
Half the party (all 4 of them) stood as UKIP candidates.
How can you claim to want the best for the Island when 2 of you stood for an openly racist party?


To recap:

They have high standards
The Island is unique
Take back control or something

HTTP1.1/ Error 512: TOO MANY JOKES


*who NOT to vote for.


I have no confidence whatsoever that the vectis party have any idea how to lead the island out of the pandemic. If we put our trust in them we’re all doomed.


Good to see that Barry Hailstone’s bookshelf includes ‘What to do in an Emergency’ and the Readers Digest Repair Manual, absolutely essential reading for an IW Councillor.
(I’m sure there’s a section on how to reattach cork wall tiles)


Awesome, very seasonal although a tad patriarchal imho

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why


Oh no, not another bunch of opinionated deadbeats masquerading as prospective representatives of the people. Tories,Labour,Liberals,Greens, Independents, it makes not a jot of difference what label they put on themselves, all timewasters the lot of them.

13 comments so far 13 armchair critics Rather strange that the issues raised by the four gentlemen (2nd homers bringing covid, Floaty, House building) are all issues raised by aforesaid critics too? Politics on the Island has been rather stale for some years now, and it is clear that these four know the Island, so isn’t it about time we residents had a local voice, that is… Read more »

I agree entirely politics on the island has gone stale and noting the past involvement of the founders of this new party it rather bears out my view that they, along with almost all the others are a bunch of deadbeats. On a local level its a pity that Rodney Downer is stepping down, he’s been a brilliant example of what a local politician should be.

Geoff Brodie

I don’t believe Rodney’s standing down. Under last year’s boundary review his Wroxall & Godshill ward has been split over two new wards and I imagine he will probably be standing in the one that retains Wroxall, where he lives.

Simon Perry

Hi Tim (and other Rodney fans!) – We’ve got some good news for you, that should put your mind to rest. We happened to speak to Rodney today and he said he will be running at the next election.

Bigj, 2 of these are already past Councillors. They were both totally ineffective when they were on the IOW Council in 2013 and were only elected on the back of the false claims by UKIP. Many previous Councillors will come forward for this years local elections. With new claims, aims and promises during thier election campaign and glossy brochures to put through letterboxes. Once elected all that… Read more »