Ventnor Bandstand Returned To Former Glory

Very impressed with the repairs to the roof of the Ventnor bandstand after thieves stripped sections of the lead roof several weeks ago.

What a fantastic repair job the bandstand in Ventnor Park has had.

Ventnor BandstandVisitors to the park will know that sections of the lead roof were stripped, presumably by thieves, several weeks ago.

We were really impressed to see such a great job had been done to repair the damage and bring the bandstand back up to its former glory.

Well done to all involved with the restoration.

Ventnor Bandstand

Thursday, 5th April, 2012 5:33pm



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7 Comments on "Ventnor Bandstand Returned To Former Glory"

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steve s

Indeed! A wonderful job.

Longboarding is still honest

They done a great job! It’d still be nice to see it get more use mind.

Janet Scott

This was noted on the Forum last Sat. I don’t think it was thieves because when they dismantled it, the woodwork parts were carefully laid by the bank and the workmen left their ladders there,

Yes, splendid job.

steve s

The original lead was, indeed, removed by thieves.


Looks beautiful, it is used all through the summer months, isn’t it?


Superb job of repair, so let’s hope the new lead does not become a magnet for further theft?


Happily, it is not lead, it’s plastic that looks like lead (or so I believe). Better still!