VentnorBlog Wins ‘Best Forensic Reporting’ Award

It’s always good to be recognised for innovation and hard work

Last weekend VB once again set off from the Island to take part in TAL11, the Guardian/TAL Hyperlocal Unconference (what’s an Unconference?).

Best Forensic Reporting AwardReaders may remember that at last year’s event VB was awarded the prestigious inaugural award of ‘Best UK Hyperlocal Site‘.

We were really chuffed to receive recognition from peers for five years of hard work and doubly-chuffed as we also picked up an award for ‘Best Coverage of A Story’ for our reporting of the Vestas Sit-In back in 2009.

Another award!
This year we were once again flattered to be presented with an award for our work on VB.

Sarah Hartely from The Guardian nominated VB for the Best Forensic Reporting Award, for our live spreadsheet of how each Isle of Wight councillor voted on the proposed budgets at February’s full council meeting.

Sarah said, “I chose this one and it goes to the VentnorBlog for the great spreadsheet you did on voting. I thought it was really simple, really effective and really did the job.”

We strive to be as innovative and forward-thinking on how best to deliver information to our readers, whilst making those responsible for council decisions accountable for their actions.

The use of the spreadsheet was picked up by several others in the media at the time (David Higgerson, for example) , so it’s great to see VB being followed across the UK.

We came away from the Unconference buzzing with ideas and plans for the coming year.

Watch this space!

What’s an Unconference
It’s called an ‘unconference’ because it’s the opposite of a regular conference where you sit and listen to someone droning on talking or giving a PowerPoint presentation. Unconference sessions allow open discussion and the subjects are chosen by the delegates who vote for their favourite.

The purpose of TAL11 was to gather hyperlocal bloggers, journalists, developers, local government officers and interested media types to discuss the future of hyperlocal news, share ideas and experiences and recognise the great work taking place on this fast-growing scene.

Wednesday, 6th April, 2011 5:52pm



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14 Comments on "VentnorBlog Wins ‘Best Forensic Reporting’ Award"

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Congratulations VB and to everybody involved with the project. It is the best news and topical outlet on the Island and I look forward to seeing your plans and ideas develop in the coming year.

someone else

Congratulations to Sal and Simon!!

Steve & Jane

Well done!
We are sure we can rely on you to keep up the good work.
That’ll be another drink on us!

nick of time

Forensic reporting gets the truth out

Janet Scott

Well done folks! That’s exciting news .(Been waiting since Sunday for lowdown on this award!)

It must be very pleasing to see the wide amount of interest, from other journalists, into how you achieved this.


Well done VB, keeping the Isle of Wight on the map!! Keep up the good work letting the rest of world where we are!

bruno mccalliser

and so well deserved. keep up the good work VB – lets have more investigations and keep the island press open and impartial as you always do ….


woo hoo you deserve it – excellent work VB

Steephill Jack

Great stuff and well deserved.

Q. what wouldn’t we know without you ?
A. what they don’t want us to know.

Our free press is very, very important. Every little helps, so thanks.

sue m

A great boost for you and very well deserved! Keep up the forensic reporting, looking forward to seeing the new plans and ideas developing too.

James P

Brilliant! Well done Sal and Simon (and Alfie). Fame awaits… :-)

Daft Old Duffer

So hard work does have it’s own reward after all.
Might be a good idea sending a copy of this report to the Coroner.
If you do, enclose a friendly fascist salute from me

Tilney Heritage

Well deserved! The live spreadsheets were such a good way to display the information. Very effective!
Thanks for all your hard work and so pleased you have been recognised for it!

adrian nicholas

Congratulations and extremely well deserved.