(Very) light snow flutters onto the Isle of Wight

A quick snapshot of the light snow-fall from around the Island.

The much-anticipated snow (particularly by children!) has made a tentative visit to the Island this morning. Nothing very serious, that isn’t currently expected until Friday.

Send in your updates
The Island is a great community, and everyone letting each other now about conditions around the Island benefits everyone, so send us your updates, and we’ll share them out to everyone.

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Photos too please
As the hackneyed phrase goes, a picture can tell a thousand words. When someone says ‘light snow’, that is quite different for an Eskimo to a Barbadian, so photos help, like the one at the top of the story was taken by James Hetfield.

If you’ve got a camera phone, ping us a picture.

Sightings around the Island
Those who have sent in updates are listed below to give you a brief snapshot.

First IW snow 15.Jan.13

Storified by On The Wight· Wed, Jan 16 2013 02:45:16

A few flakes of snow in ryde – kids happy @onthewightSue Paraskeva
snowing in upper ventnor :) , tiny snow but snow none the less . Stephen Smith
tiny snow in wootton too!! Lisa Parslow
@onthewight A big shout out to snowy Upper Ventnor this morning! :)Jonathan
@onthewight light snow falling in Chale #iwsnowconnie pont
@onthewight settling in Newport :)Sue Paraskeva
A few flakes of snow on isle of wight-the place will grind to a halt!roger sanders
Some light snow in Upper-Carisbrooke. #iwsnow http://twitpic.com/bvng6vJames Hetfield
Yes been lightly snowing in car is BrookeMaxine Bass
light dusting in NewportJoanna Schooling
heavy flurry in Sandown and it has covered paths etc but stopped nowStephen Roy Dovey
Just started here in NewportDickies Bint
light (and I mean light) in St Helens has laid on my deck though!!Lisa Dyer
very light dusting in gunvilleJacky Gregory
Small amount in sandown,but has stopped now xxAmanda Barsdell
Few flakes just falling in Cowes, little boy very happy (First Snow)Alistair Dickinson
Still falling very lightly in northwood!Paula ‘McCully’ Brooke
Small amount in sandown,but has stopped now xxAmanda Barsdell
Very light in Ryde.Matt Sparling
Very lightly in Nettlestone :-)Jess Neame
snowing in godshillTanith Yates
Still snowing in newportKelly White
A sprinkling in Carisbrooke.Ian Loydall
Snowing harder in Newport, ground completely white now and seems to be getting heavier hereKayleigh Brice
Started down dover park area bout an hour ago xNiki Harkins
sleet in newport-hope it stopsTracy Price
Snow in wroxallNatalie Louise
a smattering of snow in Newport about an hour agoCarrie Woods
Cowes and newport are having little showers, not laying though…YET lolLesley O’Sullivan
Tiny snow in east cowesHailey Grant
few flakes in rydeLinda Cheeki Bassett
Slight dusting in NewportDarren Sumner
Snow in Freshwater now – very light thoughFiona Scotchings Camp
Tiny bit of snow here in Shanklin :)Best Chris
A bit in Newport Industrial Estate.Devon Badman
Yes a tiny bit in Northwood this morning but it’s gone now.Helen Woodford
Yes light dusting of fine snow by sandown AirportMargaret Jones
And we thought the world ending on 21st December was a joke – turns out it was just late – a thin coating of snow is likely to end the world as we know it on the IOW!Thomas Cowley
Very fine snow in binsteadKelly Tharme
Nothing in Brading :(Karysha Clarke-Ferrell
Tiny snow at the needles!Chloe Jackson
We have snow in Godshill, it has settled on the roofs and road. It’s stopped now, but really cold outside.Maggie Jones
Smallest amount in Nettlestone, it was lovely watching the children getting so excited at school though :)Gem Mackinnon
a quick shake of talcum powder in Newport! xxxSheila Ferguson
wroxall down but not muchAnn Hawkins

Image: James Hetfield – Twitter

Wednesday, 16th January, 2013 10:21am


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