Vestas Get Expansion Planning Permission

Vestas get planning permission for the expansion of their blades unit.

Vestas Get Expansion Planning PermissionBlimey, they’re working late at the County Press tonight!

They’ve just reported that Vestas have been granted planning permission to expand their Wind Turbine industrial unit. It’s understood that 200 jobs will be created from this expansion.

An alteration to the Medina River wall will also enable them to transfer the blades directly using barges.

Judging by the recommendations paper (PDF) circulated before the meeting, there’s a lot of conditions attached to the planning permission.

Details of the Vestas planning application


Wednesday, 1st April, 2009 8:19pm



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Brian Lucas

Quite a bold move from Vesta considering the recession – Extra jobs too. I can just picture the special job application questions:
1 Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of TWART?
2 Do you even remotely know anyone who is member of TWART?
Good luck to Vesta.


This is what we need both to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint and to get us out of the stupidly predictable financial crisis we’re in – green jobs that actually do something useful.
The New Economics Foundation are calling for a ‘Green New Deal’, and the Vestas expansion will be just the kind of thing we need.