Vestas: Only Isle of Wight Company To Win With Regional Growth Fund

Vestas Technology – successfully win money from the Regional Growth fund, for Island jobs

The big Government announcement today was the Regional Growth Fund (RGF). It’s the second round of the fund, that is worth £950m this time.

V164 rotorThe Isle of Wight hasn’t come off well with it, but at least there’s been one success for the Island.

Vestas Technology UK have been successful in their bid.

We spoke to Rob Sauven, head of Vestas Technology UK, based on Stag Lane, “We’re glad that our scoping application that we put in was accepted,” he told VentnorBlog.

Next generation blade: V164
“It will bring on the development of our next generation blade, the V164 rotor, forward to production readiness.” He continued, “We been awarded the provisional go ahead, but we need to go through the contractual nicety and a due diligence process.”

The money will be delivered quarter by quarter, stretching to March 2014.

Where the money will go
VB asked what the money would go towards, “It’ll be split – the development of the technology (on the Island); process development (again on the Island); and
the training of production staff will most likely to be done on the Island too,” Rob told us.

With the R&D completed, the large scale production will be at their Sheerness plant.

The V164 rotors have a 164 metre dimension sweep, used for offshore installations. These blades could be used used off the Needles wind park.

Monday, 31st October, 2011 5:09pm



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Really pleased to see this. Highly skilled jobs on the Isle of Wight. Sensible support from the government.

Not convinced this is great news for the Island. Support for a firm with a history of poor industrial relations and the main production to be in Sheerness! Let’s not kid ourselves, this company makes use of all the grants going, and of course why not, but actually what do they contribute to the Island economy? Surely it would have been better to provide grants etc prior… Read more »

totaly agree with this

In reply to Keithybaby’s ‘what do they contribute to the IOW’s economy?’, surely it is clear to see that any such large investment in a company based on the IOW means money being literally pumped into the Island economy – from wages being paid to employees who spend their money locally, through to the many suppliers / service providers who are reaping the benefits of regular, sustained… Read more »
Mr Justice

Just as well, we all know what Vestas do when the subsidy cash runs out.


OK, they closed down the blade manufacturing and they did it in an ugly way. Stupid and ugly. That’s true, but the jobs that Vestas have now settled on the Island couldn’t been better. They’re highly trained engineering jobs, carrying out world leading work. The future isn’t in making the blades, it’s in the design.


Vestas the company who: Chases grants around the world, will not employ union labour, shows any disgruntled employee the door and has one of the worse Health & Safety Histories in Composite construction both here and abroad, also fights to the bitter end against paying out compensation claims.

Further to my previous comment about Vestas! The company some residents feel are worthy of a Regional Growth Fund and will keep highly skilled people in employment. I say cast your thoughts back to the July of 2009, when 600 men and women both here on the Island and in Southampton were brushed to one side as the company shut its doors at their manufacturing plants, and… Read more »
Just makes me sick as seeing what they done few years ago and they get given this as a well done ! There are plenty of island buisnesses that give back to the island people that would use the money far better then this company would. Also how can they still afford to give out these funds ? £950m thought we were at a time of cutbacks.… Read more »
Professional Electrical Engineer
They could spend some of it on 125m tall fire extinguishers; the Ardrossan turbine fire was a Vestas turbine, and there have been many others. Annoying to see our taxes going to pariah corporations, but nowhere near as serious as the ill-informed rush to wind made by a government that just doesn’t understand the science, in particular the cost of balancing unpredictably intermittent sources like wind, which… Read more »